Bioshock creator to write Logan's Run remake

News Simon Brew 19 Jun 2013 - 06:32

The planned remake of Logan's Run is getting a bit of help from the man who created the Bioshock gaming franchise...

The planned new big screen take on Logan's Run has been through development hell for some time, with no shortage of people trying to get it off the ground in the time we've been running this site. Joel Silver, Bryan Singer, Ryan Gosling and Nicolas Winding Refn are amongst the names that have been attached to the film in the past.

Now, though, it seems that the new Logan's Run has fresh impetus, courtesy of the news that Ken Levine has been hired to write the script for it. Levine is the man credited with created the Bioshock videogame franchise, Levine has a background in playwriting and screenwriting, and reports describe Logan's Run as a "passion project" for him.

This doesn't mean that Levine is leaving videogames behind. But it does mean he's got a bit of a challenge on his hands to try and get a project moving where others before him have failed. More on the Logan's Run remake when we hear more...


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As long as it's not Damon Lindelof.

This news makes me very happy :) Of course, when it falls through I'll be very sad.

But I want to see Jessica 6 in her bra for an elongated shot...

Jessica 6...elongated...I see what you did there

The Bryan Singer script got great reviews six years or so ago. It invited a high certificate and was stock full of decent ideas; shame it'll never get made.

I've nothing against the idea of remakes, but this '12A' certificate studios opt for is cinematic poison. Fingers crossed Logan's Run doesn't end up like the running and jumping and rolling and jumping and running(and rolling)snooze fest that was Total Recall.

Like the idea, because the original was a wasted opportunity.

I may be the only one to think this way, but I think the 1976 Logan's Run movie was way better than the book and I hope they stick more with the movie's ideas when they do the remake. Just sayin'.

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