Things we learned from the Birmingham premiere of Locke

Feature Simon Brew
18 Apr 2014 - 06:00

Locke had its UK premiere in Birmingham this week, attended by Tom Hardy. And us. We learned, er, fascinating facts...

We don't often cover movie premieres at Den Of Geek, but on the flip side, movie premieres don't often come to the city of Birmingham. And as a resident of said city, I make it policy to pop along when someone dares to roll out the red carpet on Broad Street.

Such was the case on Wednesday night when the UK premiere of Locke took place, and Tom Hardy was guest of honour. Locke is written and directed by Steven Knight, who is currently working with Hardy on series two of Peaky Blinders. And the pair made up the list of three people I instantly recognised.

Now, the last time Birmingham staged a premiere, it was for The Lorax, which was attended by Danny DeVito and Emile Heskey. That particular event was sponsored by Bournville Garden Centre (I jest not), but there was no similar high profile deal in place this time. My, er, 'report' of The Lorax premiere is here

There was a sheet of famous people we were given to help us spot them when they walked down the red carpet. It would have been more helpful had it come with a direct link to a Google search for 80% of them, but we did what we could.

Anyway, here's what I learned:

* Jasper Carrot (the third of the three people we recognised) is a thoroughly nice chap. He and Steven Knight go back a long way, having worked on The Detectives together at one stage. He's clearly very proud of what his friend has achieved.

* Steven Knight is a Birmingham City fan. As am I.

* The announcer made a slight faux pas. Appreciating that some enforce a by-law prohibiting geeks from knowing about sport, I do follow football. I thus quickly figured he may be on a hiding to nothing asking the crowd to cheer the arrival of Jamie O'Hara. He is an expensive footballer for Wolverhampton Wanderers' reserves, who fans of Wolverhampton Wanderers have, er, 'not taken to'. The request for a big cheer was met with deafening, deadly silence. No more cheers were asked for until Tom Hardy turned up, I noticed.

* Standing next to photographers at a premiere means you're virtually guaranteed not to get a chance to speak to anyone. As such, whilst Tom Hardy was a few feet away, he posed with a LEGO set for someone, and then walked past me.

* Steven Knight walked past me too.

* As did some people I am informed appear in the TV show Made In Chelsea.

* Premier league footballers eat mountains of popcorn when they go to the cinema. And nachos. Championship footballers stick to the popcorn. To be fair to them, the nachos are bloody expensive.

* There are some brilliant beards in Birmingham. I saw at least three I'd give an 8/10 to for facial foliage.

A fun evening, then, but hardly one that got me the killer anecdotes to send me into the big leagues. Nonetheless, I shall investigate what happened to Bournville Garden Centre's investment forthwith.

Locke is in UK cinemas today. Many thanks to Cineworld Birmingham.

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