Tom Hardy stars in the first UK trailer for Locke

Trailer Ryan Lambie 17 Feb 2014 - 16:46

The great Tom Hardy stars in writer-director Steven Knight's single-location drama thriller, Locke. Take a look at the new UK trailer...

Here's a great example of a trailer that's pleasingly high on tension yet low on revealing plot details. Steven Knight's forthcoming Locke is a single-location thriller about a businessman on a drive from Wales to London and feeling his life unravelling around him as he does so. Tom Hardy plays the title character, whose past comes back to haunt him on this fateful motorway journey, where tailbacks and overpriced service station pasties are the least of his problems.

The festival buzz for the film suggests that Hardy turns in a pared back, excellent performance in a pared back, excellent film. Knight is the writer behind such films as Dirty Pretty Things and Eastern Promises, and previously wrote and directed the Jason Statham thriller Hummingbird (also known as Redemption in the US), so we're really looking forward to this one.

Locke's out on the 18th April in the UK.


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What? What happened? Don't get it..shouldn't a trailer tells us something about the movie? Have I missed something?

I'm looking forward to seeing this at the Glasgow Film Festival next week.

Looking at the cast at the end there's not only Tom Hardy but also Olivia Coleman, rumoured-Twelfth-Doctor Ben Daniels...

...and Andrew bleedin' Scott.

Promising indeed.

Why is he speaking in an Indian accent?

It's Welsh.

I know. I was just being facetious.

Marion and Geoff After Dark?

I think at this point the majority of us will watch anything starring Tom Hardy...

I love Tom Hardy in most things and probably will in this, but that accent is shocking

Wow, is that supposed to be WELSH!!!


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