First poster for Life Of Pi

Poster Simon Brew 23 Jul 2012 - 07:32

Ang Lee is bringing Yann Martel's book, Life Of Pi, to the big screen later this year. Here's the first official poster...

Quietly - so far - heading for cinemas this November is director Ang Lee's adaptation of Yann Martel's book, Life Of Pi. The book tells the story of Pi, played mainly by Suraj Sahrma in the movie, who finds himself the victim of a shipwreck. And it's a shipwreck that leaves him in the midst of the Pacific Ocean, with a tiger, hyena, zebra and orangutan for company.

The book itself is a popular one, and there's real interest in seeing just how Ang Lee is bringing it to the screen. We don't have a good answer for that, yet, but we do have a poster for the movie, which popped up over the weekend. The general rule of late seems to be that the poster precedes the release of a trailer by a few days, so touch wood (and this is only us guessing!), we might have a better glimpse later this week.


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I saw the 3D clip from this before Prometheus; looks dreadful. It reminded me of the 3D movies from the 80's, where everyone carries a large stick-like item an points it directly towards the camera, only this time it pointed away from the camera too. With all of the flying fish too, it feels like a boy has been given a new toy and is using it to excess.

s**t poster-
great book- great director-so still have high hopes
but either looks like designed by committee lowest common denominator stuff - or we cant be bothered knock it out in 15 minutes

They failed to turn what was a great book "salmon fishing in the yemen" into a great film so my expectations arent that high

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