Watch Life After Pi, about the Oscar-winning VFX studio that went bust

News Simon Brew
27 Feb 2014 - 07:54

Two weeks after winning an Oscar for Life Of Pi, visual effects studio Rhythm & Hues collapsed. Here's the documentary that explains why...

Two weeks after winning an Academy Award for its work on Ang Lee's Life Of Pi, the visual effects studio Rhythm & Hues went bust. The story took lots of people on the outside of the effects industry by surprise. Those on the inside? Less so.

Now, a 30 minute documentary on just what happened to Rhythm & Hues - Life After Pi - has been released online, and you can see it below. It's the work of an assortment of employees of the former studio, and in its own way, it's really quite scary.

It's well worth setting aside some time to watch this. It's not always easy viewing, and might just make your blood boil a little. Do check out the website too.

Here's the documentary...

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