New red band trailer for Let's Be Cops

Trailer Simon Brew
17 Jun 2014 - 07:01

Fancy another R-rated comedy? Here's the trailer for the upcoming Let's Be Cops. Let there be chortles...

With 22 Jump Street gobbling up lots of money now at both the US and UK box offices, there's no shortage of appetite for R-rated comedies it seems. It does help if they're good ones, of course.

Last week, we got the trailer for the next high profile attempt to make us giggle, the Melissa McCarthy-headlined Tammy. You can see that here. But in August, there's another on the way in the shape of Let's Be Cops. This one stars Damon Wayans Jr, Jake Johnson and Nina Dobrev. The setup? They dress up as cops for Halloween, so convincingly in fact that those around them think they're, well, cops.

Here's the new red band trailer for the movie, which turns up in the UK a month after the US release. Don't watch it if you don't like naughty words and stuff...

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