Chris Hemsworth linked with Lethal Weapon reboot

News Simon Brew
8 May 2014 - 07:32

Warner Bros is looking to reboot Lethal Weapon, with Chris Hemsworth reportedly offered a lead role.

Once upon a time, plans were afoot for a Lethal Weapon 5, which would have reunited Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and director Richard Donner for one last outing. However, the collapse of Mel Gibson's career, for well-known reasons, extinguished any chance of that happening.

So, in Hollywood, if you can't make any more sequels, what do you do instead? Yep, you reboot the franchise. The Tracking Board is reporting that Warner Bros is developing a reboot of Lethal Weapon that would, inevitably, recast the film. Working under the project name Lionhunters, the plot apparently focuses on the son of one of the characters who wants to join the police force. Whether that leaves room for a handover from old characters to new is one of many issues that would need to be addressed.

Justin Lin (who directed four Fast & Furious movies) is attached as possible director, and Will Beall is working on the script. It's unclear whether Shane Black has had any involvement thus far.

So let's end this throroughly, er, cheery story with a casting rumour: Chris Hemsworth has been offered one of the starring roles. That doesn't mean he's taken it, but he appears to be on the producers' radar.

More as we hear it. Feel free to add a comment about how we're all getting too old for this shit in the comments.

The Tracking Board.

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