Chris Hemsworth linked with Lethal Weapon reboot

News Simon Brew 8 May 2014 - 07:32

Warner Bros is looking to reboot Lethal Weapon, with Chris Hemsworth reportedly offered a lead role.

Once upon a time, plans were afoot for a Lethal Weapon 5, which would have reunited Mel Gibson, Danny Glover and director Richard Donner for one last outing. However, the collapse of Mel Gibson's career, for well-known reasons, extinguished any chance of that happening.

So, in Hollywood, if you can't make any more sequels, what do you do instead? Yep, you reboot the franchise. The Tracking Board is reporting that Warner Bros is developing a reboot of Lethal Weapon that would, inevitably, recast the film. Working under the project name Lionhunters, the plot apparently focuses on the son of one of the characters who wants to join the police force. Whether that leaves room for a handover from old characters to new is one of many issues that would need to be addressed.

Justin Lin (who directed four Fast & Furious movies) is attached as possible director, and Will Beall is working on the script. It's unclear whether Shane Black has had any involvement thus far.

So let's end this throroughly, er, cheery story with a casting rumour: Chris Hemsworth has been offered one of the starring roles. That doesn't mean he's taken it, but he appears to be on the producers' radar.

More as we hear it. Feel free to add a comment about how we're all getting too old for this shit in the comments.

The Tracking Board.

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I could fill this comment with swearing, this is just such a stupid pointless bloody idea. Having watched the Robocop and Total Recall reboots recently I have to question why they bother. I have yet to find a remake I have watched that has been an improvement.

It's a buddy cop movie, what is there to reboot?

He'll be playing the part of whistle-blowing comedy accountant Leo Getz.

I feel like killing myself right now.

I agree with you. I said before that Total Recall could've been called something different. It was good enough to stand on its own but the fact it was a reboot degraded it for me.

This seems redundant and out of place in the current film market. Is
Chris Hemsworth not going to be in The Raid remake too? Why not just
mash the Lethal Weapon and The Raid up into 2 for 1 deal: Lethal Raid-
20 Elite Cops; 1 to old for this crap, 1 living on the edge, the other
18 faceless cannon fodder all face 30 floors hell....

Cheque please Hollywood.

Let's see how many buddy cop movies we can list since Lethal Weapon has come out. I'll start

Rush Hour

I predict mainstream, PG-13 rated, homogeneous crap

How can they 'reboot' a buddy cop movie? It's a buddy cop movie, just make a new buddy cop movie and call it something else.

Ah, but then without the 'Lethal Weapon' tag, it won't draw ANY interest and will make no money.

I see what you're doing Hollywood. Making any ol piece of crap and calling it a 'reboot' to gather more interest and make more money.

You make me sick.

Remember those days when we still had a barrel? Seems a long way above us now

Totall Recall is based on a book, so the new movie was more of a different adaption than a remake of the Arnie film. I find it hard to argue against different takes on a source novel (i.e talks of a new Blade Runner), but it's really just a barely acceptable excuse to reuse old ideas. Remaking original films is utterly lazy and sacrilige (sp?), and those Hollywood execs who do should be lined up and whipped on Hollywood Blv.

Hot Fuzz
Turner and Hooch ?


2 Guns
Bullet to the Head
The Heat
Red Heat
The Long Kiss Goodnight
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Tango & Cash
Starsky & Hutch
21 Jump Street
Die Hard with a Vengeance
Cop Out
End of Watch
The Other Guys

Men in Black (Cops of Extraterrestrials)
R.I.P.D ?(never seen it)

John Carpenter's The Thing is technically a remake, and by common consensus that's regarded as an improvement on the 1951 original.

Just rewatched The Lethal Weapon Quadrilogy as my girlfriend had never seen them (she loved them by the way) Each installment is brilliant in its own right and is a rarity in a franchise where it has the same cast and characters throughout, no recasting and the same director.

As many have already said this will be a Lethal Weapon movie in name only.

Would rather watch a Buddy Cop movie starring Chris Hemsworth called Lionhunters to be honest. At least Beverly Hills Cop 4 has the decency to be a sequel...

Sten, you just ruined it for everyone!!!!

Nice knowledge though ;-)

Training Day has to be my fav.

The Last Boy Scout is a close second.

At one point I thought Chris Rock, would be son in law to take the reigns. And then a family member of Riggs comes on the scene, I feel its late why doesn't WB re-release this movie because many people have yet to see this original cop action/drama.

Bad Boys

Indeed but there are always more

Bad Boys

This news makes me want to eat my own brain

True Grit? Although I guess that was more of a re-adaptation? Same goes for 3:10 to Yuma I suppose.

The Fly is also a remake and improvement. I prefer the remake of We Are What We Are and also felt The Departed was an improvement on Infernal Affairs.

The Fly is also a remake and improvement. I prefer the remake of We Are What We Are and also felt The Departed was an improvement on Infernal Affairs

Don't! At least wait till you have seen Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron and Batman Vs Superman.

You'll be kicking yourself if you kill yourself now!

The new Godzilla is looking pretty sweet to be fair.

Batman Begins was also a good Batman remake.

The Departed was epic.

The Fly, also great.

I even thought The Great Gatsby was a good remake.

I for one would prefer to see a sequel for Loaded Weapon 1 !

A reboot of Lethal Weapon?? Christ, am I really that old?

A new movie in 2016 or whenever called 'Lethal Weapon' is ridiculous. 'Lethal Weapon'? That's such an '80s sounding title. Our culture is bankrupt.

It's a tetralogy. It goes duology, trilogy, tetralogy. The word 'Quadrilogy' was invented by the marketing folk at Fox for the Alien DVD release because they thought people would be too stupid to understand or too lazy to learn that tetralogy refers to a story told in four distinct parts. Now we have Google at our fingertips there's no need to still use a cynical word invented by marketing shills. As you were...

I like quadrilogy. I'll stick with it. Quadrilogy. Yes.


The Thing
True Lies
Vanilla Sky

if we have too reboot etc etc - chris is a good choice, I just cant think of a good actor for danny glover's role thats the relevant age



Stop remaking stuff. People only want to watch to how bad you can ruin the originals

True, (and as a disclaimer I haven't seen the original), but I'd wager that part of why it was such a success was because the narrative was different, so much time had passed between different versions, and crucially the original was black and white - therefore any colour remake is going to seem more modern, more relevant, and bring something new to the story.

Aside from small things like the absence of mobiles, certain fashions and other minor giveaways, what needs updating in the Lethal Weapon films? They're still extremely watchable now as things haven't changed to the same extent.

I am fearful that one day a studio is going to remake 'Back to the Future', the only vaguely possible reason being presumable the same reason as this mooted Lethal Weapon update - making it relevant for today's youth market. Quite apart from the fact that the original 'Back to the Future' is an awesome film, the difference between a teenager in 1955 and a teenager in 1985, in terms of what they wore and what they did, was massive - hence the fascination for the viewer in seeing 'youth culture' then. Despite being nearly 30 years since the first film, any remake doing the same thing, with a teenager going back to see their parents in 1985 wouldn't be anywhere near as interesting from a cultural point-of-view - they probably be wearing the same clothes for a start, and the only noticeable differences would be the absence of phones, etc. You'd still get the fun in seeing the parents as teenagers...but you might as well stick with the original for that.

I went on a bit of a tangent/rant there, but it is a little depressing why studios have started to remake films so much. It's obviously because it's a safe bet, and less likely to be a flop, but nearly all of them turn out to be incredibly forgettable...


good call :P

Even better.

Most of those improve on the originals in ways you could predict. Scarface and The Thing update the story, go from black and white to colour; and Heat is supposedly a slicker, bigger beast than the original, done by the same director. Vanilla Sky was an-overly slick, hollow remake of a superior film, for people who are too stupid/lazy to cope with subtitles.

What can you improve on in Lethal Weapon? make in colour? no. improve the character dynamic? no. You can have a different script on the same story, but a better one? probably not. The only thing it will add is more CGI destruction.

You could *possibly* excuse it if played it for laughs with loads of in-jokes.

Dude from madtv that always did his impression. Aries Spears. If they went in that direction I'd watch it at the movies twice. "DDDDDONT DO IT RIGGS! Put it, in ya MOWF. You really ARE crazy arentcha?!


Is it bad that I would watch that with enthusiasm?

They F**K you with the reboots, okay, they F**K you with the reboots. They know you're gonna be years away from the original before ya find out ya got F*&^~d, okay?

Still waiting for a proper version of I Am Legend that respects the source material.

He won't. He will be dead and therefore incapable of kicking himself. Even if he came back as a zombie he would be unlikely to kick himself as he would not comprehend that he had done something silly in killing himself, and as such would not kick himself.

I like Chris Hemsworth but it seems silly putting him into a reboot. Why not give him a whole new action franchise with Shane Black directing and script writing.

Yeah, thanks. That was an intentional joke.

You had me at "Don't"
You're right, too many things to look for.
But the day they annonce a remake/reboot or whatever to "Back to the future" THAT day I kill myself!

This is a bit off topic but: "the collapse of Mel Gibson's career, for well-known reasons"
Can someone explain this to me?

I am young and haven't seen any Mel Gibson films. All I know is that he is an actor and that he is homophobic

Don't forget House Bunny as a remake of Animal House. Huge improvement there.

They already rebooted this. It was called Loaded Weapon 1......Emiliooooo!

"It's going to take more than a couple of car bombs to scare us off this case!"
"Not a hell of a lot more!"

No I also wish to see this Idea more than a Lethal weapon reboot

Silly me! I did not realise!

I would love to see this if Hemsworth were to play BOTH lead roles. Hahaha!! Yeah!!!

Get that treatment in an envelope sent to yourself recorded delivery sir...

Can't we just have a film called "Joel Silver, grasping at straws" The sequel could be called "Joel Silver, This time I'm really out of touch" and the third "Joel Silver and the search for something original" and the final part "Joel Silver... Maybe I should of listened to Joss Whedon about Wonder Women"


allegedly "homophobic"
though really hes just an alcoholic that has had some major relapses and said and done some dumbass things(as we all do when we are drunk)
he was/is a great modern actor(see pretty much everything he has been in from 'madmax' - 'the beaver')
hes also a very underrated director(braveheart, apocoplypto, man without a face and passion of Christ)
he and danny glover where lethal weapon, without those 2 the films would just have been generic 80s buddy cop films

I'm getting to old for this s×1t.

Can always add Ben Hur and The Wizard of Oz to that list; it's the remakes of those that people remember. Remakes aren't a new thing.

Actually, maybe that's the Next Big Idea: remaking multiple films in one! It's genius!

The Hard Way
Hollywood Homicide

The allegedly antisemitic thing probably didn't go down too well either...

Just about every movie news headline on the home page of this site has the words "reboot" or "remake" in it. Don't know about anyone else but it doesn't exactly make me want to rush out to the cinemas every night.

Lethal... Weapon... Reboot... I honestly never thought I'd see the day. I suppose Die Hard is next then? *sigh* though I suppose a Die Hard reboot couldn't be any worse than the last installment. Utterly soulless dreck.

That sandwich scene was the one bum note in LW2 (it couldn't be cut because it was paid product placement), an otherwise textbook example of how to do a sequel that not only equals but arguably exceeds it's predecessor... if only they'd stopped there!

You heard wrong, Keir, Mel's former (now late) agent Ed Lamato was a homosexual and one of Mel's closest friends and most vocal supporters is Jodie Foster who just happens to be a lesbian, and as for the anti-semitic accusation, why not listen to Richard Donner, Dean Devlin, and Adrian Grunberg (who Mel handpicked to direct 'Get the Gringo'), all of whom are Jewish and all of whom have stated that Mel hasn't got an anti-semitic bone in his body.

He is however a recovering alcoholic (although sober for seven years now), and that always complicates matters...

The Hard Way, perhaps the best of them all!
From me, to you!

He was great in Rush and hilarious in Thor 2. PRO-HEMSWORTH.


Training Day is an absolutely smashing film. Love it. It started my man crush on Denzel Washington. He needs to be in a Tarantino film - his delivery with Tarantino's words would be IMMENSE.

3:10 to Yuma is a great movie.

Are you kidding, Hollywood writers coming up with something new in these days? I don't think they get paid enough to do that! And with so many all ideas to reboot, remake or add a sequel/prequel to! What a waste of already done material!

I am certainly starting to miss the feeling of surprise.

Yeah, I've never seen the original (as far as I can remember) so can't compare, but the new one was great.


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