The Fault In Our Stars director for Lestat movie

News Simon Brew
19 Aug 2014 - 07:02

Universal's first Lestat movie, based on Anne Rice's books, is set to be steered by The Fault In Our Stars' Josh Boone...

Earlier this month, it was revealed that Universal had picked up the rights to Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles series of novels. We've already seen, some time back, a pair of the books adapted for the screen, namely Interview With The Vampire (pictured) and Queen Of The Damned. Universal, however, is likely to bring several more of the books to the screen. And that process has clearly begun.

The Wrap is reporting this morning that Josh Boone, the director of this year's hugely successful The Fault In Our Stars, is in line for the first of Universal's new Vampire Lestat movies. It's unclear which novel is likely to come first, but Boone is also being linked with penning the screenplay.

Boone's immediate priority, however, is an adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand. After that, his attention is likely to switch to Lestat. More as we hear it.

The Wrap.

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