New trailer for Les Miserables

Trailer Simon Brew 9 Nov 2012 - 06:43

Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Amanda Seyfried and Anne Hathaway line up for Les Miserables. And they're having a sing song right here...

Is it just us that's quite looking forward to the movie version of the Les Miserables musical? There are lots of reasons to like it, after all, The source material is impressive, the cast that's been pulled together here is strong, and there's the basis of a good film in the musical itself.

This new trailer for the movie, we suspect, is a fair representation of what you're going to get. If the film doesn't interest you in the slightest once you've seen the trailer, then there's little chance of you warming to the movie itself. But we still reckon they might be onto something here.

Tom Hooper, of The King's Speech fame, has directed the movie, which arrives in America next month, and in the UK in January.

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I have never been more excited for a musical.

Saw the trailer on an IMAX screen before Bond and it looked and sounded incredible. Still can't warm to Anne Hathaway though.

I'd quite like to warm to Anne Hathaway... but the judge won't let me nearer than fifty feet. Now.

This will be AWESOME! I'm very excited. Anne Hathaway will be fine. MORE Excited to see Helena Boham Carter (BEST, WOMAN, EVER) and Sasha Baron Cohen as the land lord and lady. BRILLIANT bit of casting!
Again though... WHY, is a British musical getting to the states a MONTH before the UK? *FIST OF ANGER*

It looks and sounds incredible. Very excited about this one.

It seems that the "opera" aspect of the Broadway version has been toned down -- there are more spoken lines in the trailer than in the whole play. But that is probably necessary to produce the movie, I suppose. There also seem to be some details about the book that have been worked back into the movie after being cut from the musical -- Jean Valjean as a galley slave (which was actually his second imprisonment in the book) and Cosette hiding in a convent (which was just cut for time in the play). It will be interesting to see how long this ends up being -- with the play at 3 hours or so, and extra non-sung exposition added, it will have to cut a lot.

Nonetheless, I remain quite hopeful for the production.

Susan Boyle has RUINED any chance of me liking this film.

Cannot wait to see this film!! I love the musical and this looks amazing.

NBC universal isnt wanting people to see the commercial for their movie....good job guys

Least you get to look at her...

One word for NBC Uni....WHHHHHAAAAAATTTTT????

Russel Crowe is the one who let down the singing portion for me - other than that the singing is great. Though will be disappointed if he doesnt do 'javert`s suicide' well.

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