Warner Bros has the rights to one LEGO Movie sequel

News Simon Brew
20 Feb 2014 - 06:40

Warner Bros is pushing ahead with a LEGO Ninjago movie. But it only has the rights to one sequel to The LEGO Movie itself.

Things might be about to get a bit expensive for Warner Bros. With The LEGO Movie proving to be an international smash-hit, it's already moving ahead on The LEGO Movie 2. But The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that the studio faces a slight problem: it only has the rights, as things stand, to make one sequel.

Furthermore, it looks as if The LEGO Movie 2 won't be the next LEGO film that the studio releases. Instead, a LEGO Ninjago film is closer to production (although this appears to be under a different deal), with the studio having already been giving an extension to get the film into production. Under the original terms, Warner Bros had to greenlight a Ninjago film by November 2013. LEGO allowed the studio more time, and the film is set to be directed by Charlie Bean (TRON: Uprising). The LEGO Movie directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are set to join the team of producers on the project.

Once that's moving, then Warner Bros will take up its option on The LEGO Movie 2. However, after that film, the producing team of Dan Lin and Roy Lee, and the LEGO organisation itself, can shop further LEGO Movie sequels to other studios. Most agree that's unlikely, but at the very least, Warner Bros is presumably going to need to dig deep to keep the series going under its proverbial roof.

More news on The LEGO Movie 2 and LEGO Ninjago as we hear it. In the meantime, The LEGO Movie is in cinemas now. You won't be able to get that sodding song out of your head for days...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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