Nicolas Cage gets badly Photoshopped on another movie poster

Poster Simon Brew 30 May 2014 - 06:25

Left Behind, starring Nicolas Cage, does not get a poster that does it too many favours...

Nicolas Cage may have a back catalogue of movies we can but look at enviously, but of late it's hard to think of an actor who's fallen victim so much to bad Photoshop work on his film posters. Up until the poster for his next film, Left Behind, the worst Adobe Cage poster had arguably been this one for Stolen...

In truth, that may still be the winner too. But take a look at this beauty for the aforementioned Left Behind, which arrives in US cinemas this October.

The movie co-stars the equally badly Photoshopped Chad Michael Murray, Cassi Thomson, Nicky Whelan and Jordin Sparks, with legendary stuntman Vic Armstrong directing. More on the movie as we hear it...

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Dude, everyone knows that the worst Photoshopped Nic Cage poster is for Bankok Dangerous. That mystery arm is still talked about in hushed tones in Graphic Designer circles.

Maybe they've all been Raptured and it's just a supernatural afterimage we're looking at here?

Why is his face so far down to the right!?

That one look he is giving the camera seems to say "Why am I making sh*t like this these days?"

Why are you forever posting articles about poorly Photoshopped posters, Mr Brew? Has Den of Geek become a design website without my realising? Perhaps if you invested the time into proof-reading your other articles instead of writing this nonsense then the quality of this website would be increased. Agreed, it is a poorly made poster, but we have the rest of the Internet for such mockery.

He's making that confused dog face.
At his agent. "Why, Master, why?"

To my eyes, there's not much wrong with either one really. And yes - more proofing of SB's text plx!

I don't see any problem with these posters. A non-story.

Despite it's bad photo-shopping, this poster actually makes me want to find out more about this film. I'd say it's doing it's job.

Me too! Why are they standing in the middle of the road looking at something else when a city on fire and a road leading directly into the raging sea is behind them? I need to know.

Is it just me or can you see the join where they photoshopped in Nic Cage's face on his forehead?

Yeah but all you've done is provide this article with views and comments. Which is what a website wants. So they'll write more articles like this. That's just the nature of the internet I'm afraid.

Point taken, but I'd hardly say we're "forever posting articles about poorly Photoshopped posters". The last time we did such a post was seven months ago for Grudge Match. Before that, I can't remember. Just thought it was a funny poster in this case - nothing more, nothing less.

Sorry you feel the proofreading and quality of the website isn't up to scratch - but feedback is genuinely appreciated and taken on board. - Simon

Doubt we will, as posts of this ilk are very rare on Den Of Geek. We'd never do one for the hell of it. - Simon

Proof reading comment duly noted - Simon

Hey i enjoyed ithis article myself-I love a bit of Nic Cage what bad film has he done now action. I was just pointing out that clicking on this article after reading the headline isn't the best way to say "I'm not interested".

Simon, I actually quite enjoy the lighter funnier articles that give me a quick giggle at the start of work. In fact, I think you guys should muster up an article of worst photo-shopped posters ever

Junkman, you are an idiot. If you don't like it, why did you click on it and then bother to comment? Why not read one of the other many, many articles on the website? Other people might actually appreciate this post, so there's nothing wrong with it being here. Or did you pay some exclusive subscription fee that allows you to determine what content should or should not be published here?

I think it's utterly appropriate to point out bad photoshopping like this. First, it's funny. Second, as it does make you wonder how much people care about a film when they can't be bothered to get the actors to stand together for a cast photo or take an hour to pull something together that's better than a teenager could do on his phone/tablet during lunch break, these serve as an early warning for films that may not be all that good. Third, it's Nic Cage, a true geek fanboy if ever there was one. Sounds like just the sort of thing this site should cover (albeit sparingly).

There's always Ain't It Cool News if you'd prefer. Some beautifully proofread pieces on there for you to enjoy.

But see, there are some really funny comments on this page - DoG sets 'em up, the commenters knock it out of the park.

That's horrendous. Maybe he got hold of one of those face-distorting injectors from Minority Report.

Heh, that's the first thing I look for in a free Web site too: proofreading.

Maybe DoG should do a 10-best-proofread-movie-news-site-articles. I'd really get a kick out of that.

The first indication is a film may not be that good is having Nic Cage as the star. I've really liked a few of his films, but boy does he star in some stinkers.

I'm sure that you and the rest of the "youngsters" that keep putting N Cage down are just that, young, maybe even teenagers. Every single Adult that I know just love Nic Cage. Multi-talented actor and he seems so good-natured.

Cage may have a couple years on me (less than 10, actually - but what has age got to do with having an opinion?), and I'd love to be called a youngster - thanks! He can do good work, but he sure has poor taste when it comes to picking projects.

Satan is responsible for this horrible apocalypse of a Photoshop fumble. Satan did this.

My face hurts I laughed so much at this. lol Thanks, asshole.

Ouch! Is like they moved the eyes nose and mouth a bit to the low right of his face...

What is going on with his hair? Can't he just tap out like Bruce Willis and Ed Harris, and just go full skinhead?

(Half Your Brain) Left Behind. Apocalyptic porn for Jesus Freaks...

Nicolas Cage's poor taste is a symbol of his individuality and his belief in personal freedom.

you're in danger of being kicked out of the Illustraminati, we will find you "Robotface" if that is your real name, and we will take your drafting pencils, your copy of Photoshop and we will leave you with only Microsoft Paint.

so it is written, so it shall be rendered.

Why aren't they looking at the same thing?NC is looking at us, as is far left lady and other bloke. But the other two are both looking in slightly different directions makes me wonder what's behind me that they can see and I keep turning round to check

No wonder the Illustraminati is a 'secret' society, nobody can pronounce the bloody name O_O

Your comment is right on! He is his own person, not a sheep. Also the crap movies were to pay off his huge tax debt. He's made a fortune in his life cuz he's that good!

I love denofgeek. The articles are great and invite some great comments. Keep highlighting the world of poor photoshopping. The world needs to know. FYI when I typed in denofgeek it autocorreted it as 'debuggers' so I'm not sure how to take that.

I'm a cat, I'm a sexy cat.

Yes, and all your comments shall be permamently deleted from the world wide web. Your name shall be scratched from society, so there isn't even a memory of you. The world will never know 'Robotface'

The action crime genre needs to take a page from the cheapy horror genre. They make fantastic posters and intriguing blurbs to lure you into the crap movie. Perhaps in this regard, you could describe nic cage movie marketing as honest.

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