Bruce Willis and M Night Shyamalan reteaming for new film

News Simon Brew 30 Jan 2014 - 06:41
Shyamalan and Willis

14 years after Unbreakable, Bruce Willis and M Night Shyamalan are set to make a new film together...

It would be fair to say that both Bruce Willis and M Night Shyamalan haven't had the best of runs of late. Willis chose wisely with Looper, but is becoming more notorious for a string of movies in which he looks pretty disinterested at best. Shyamalan meanwhile has continued to deliver hit movies, but it's been a while now since he made a film that felt like a really good one.

It's interesting then that Willis and Shyamalan are set to reteam for the third time, following their hugely successful work on The Sixth Sense and Unbreakable (the latter of which is nearly 14 years old. Yikes). The project in question is Labor Of Love, which Shyamalan has written the script for and will direct.

Labor Of Love was one of the first screenplays that Shyamalan wrote, having originally sold it to 20th Century Fox in 1993. He's now going through the motions of reacquiring the rights, with the aim of starting production in September. The basic story sees Willis as a bookshop owner who, after the death of his wife, chooses to walk across the country in order to prove his love for her. I walk for dead people, then.

If shooting begins on time, then expect a release in 2015.


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No thanks. M Nights's recent films are gibberish at best and insulting at worst.

I see dead careers.

"Shyamalan meanwhile has continued to deliver hit movies"
Care to elaborate?

The Last Airbender was a hit, just not liked. After Earth did just shy of $250m worldwide. Signs and The Village did well. Even The Happening took three times its budget. All but Lady In The Water have been commercial hits to some degree (even though After Earth underperformed). - Simon

Can't say I'm in any way excited about the prospect, but just maybe the fact that he wrote it way back when, at a time when he was producing some great stuff, means it will be better than his recent efforts. I guess it has to, what with his recent efforts being completely woeful.

IMHO Unbreakable is Willis' best performance, so I'm cautiously optimistic about this.

I watched Unbreakable for the first time last year; I really enjoyed it.

Haha. This ^^

just about to say the word HIT means a success at the box office not that it was liked!

I knew what you meant dude, as did most people I'd wager.

I think - 'Shyamalan meanwhile has continued to bring in the box office' - would have been a more apt way of writing it.

The term 'hit' is more in line with 'it was successful in the eyes of the audience' IMO.

Fingers crossed!

I really enjoyed Unbreakable, and (and I realise I am open to ridicule here) Lady in the Water, but Syamalangadingdong has made some right turkeys. The Happening? The nothing happening here....move along, more like.

Bruce Willis, The Mr Teflon of Hollywood who makes more godawful movies than any other A list star and yet still continues to get leading man roles... how?. As for M Night Shyamalan, his best bit of work in the last 10 years was his cameo on TV's Entourage. Let's look forward to another 'phoned-in' performance from Mr Grumpy and some rather unsurprising 'twists' from Night.

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