Chris Pratt and Danny McBride rumoured for Knight Rider

News Simon Brew 13 Feb 2014 - 06:25
Knight Rider reboot

Michael Knight and KITT take a step closer to the big screen, with the first casting rumours for the movie take on Knight Rider...

A big screen take on Knight Rider is a project that's been nattered about on and off for a while now, but it seems as thought The Weinstein Company is now dead set on making the film. Brad Copeland had previously been reported as working on a screenplay, and the first casting rumours for the project have now come to light.

A source for SchmoesKnow, a site with a pretty good track record on these sorts of stories, is reporting that offers are now out for Danny McBride and Chris Pratt to take the lead roles in the new film.  One, presumably, is set to be Michael Knight in the new movie, and the other might be lending their tones to KITT. We'll see.

Inevitably, there's no formal word on this one just yet, but we'll report back when we find out more...


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this may be another unwanted reboot/cash-in of a known property but hell, Knight Rider on the big screen is something i've wanted since I was 6. I don't even care if it's good, just give me a slightly camp voice for KITT and a Turbo boost button and I'm there.

Why not just cast the Hoff? You know it's the right thing to do!

Ben Stiller is .... AIRWOLF coming to a cinema near you

Yo, Devon!

More importantly, who will be playing April?

This is the forth remake of Knight Rider (Knight Rider 2000, Team Knight Rider, and the 2008 reboot).

Its not even that good to start with.

It's probably a given that he will be in it as a cameo. He was in the 2008 reboot after all, looking drunk as a skunk and shaking like a sh@tting dog

Knight Rider pfft! Give me a Street Hawk or Airwolf movie any day!

I wouldn't say any of those were remakes, being as they were more like sequels, though ones that can only co-exist with the original and no each other, being as the original Michael Knight appeared in all of them (though he wasn't play by "The Hoff" in TKR.)

Nah - put all three together :)


Actually, that's a good point.

Still not sure that we really need more Knight Rider though


Give this to james franco with kiefer sutherland as kitt.

An margot robbie as april

Margot robbie hopefully

As long as he can use his Jack Bauer shouty voice ALL. THE. TIME.
Most stressful satnav ever...

Its weird because when i thought who could start or finish every sentence with a slick "Michael" his voice jumped straight into my head. Great idea or have kiefers drunk voice an get him to drive into loads of trees lol.

I actually really enjoyed the last TV version. Typically it got cancelled right as it was getting it's stride.

Danny Mcbride's gonna be asshole KITT!

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