Chris Pratt and Danny McBride rumoured for Knight Rider

News Simon Brew
13 Feb 2014 - 06:25
Knight Rider reboot

Michael Knight and KITT take a step closer to the big screen, with the first casting rumours for the movie take on Knight Rider...

A big screen take on Knight Rider is a project that's been nattered about on and off for a while now, but it seems as thought The Weinstein Company is now dead set on making the film. Brad Copeland had previously been reported as working on a screenplay, and the first casting rumours for the project have now come to light.

A source for SchmoesKnow, a site with a pretty good track record on these sorts of stories, is reporting that offers are now out for Danny McBride and Chris Pratt to take the lead roles in the new film.  One, presumably, is set to be Michael Knight in the new movie, and the other might be lending their tones to KITT. We'll see.

Inevitably, there's no formal word on this one just yet, but we'll report back when we find out more...


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