First trailer for live action Kiki's Delivery Service

News Simon Brew
28 Oct 2013 - 06:26

Heading to Japanese cinemas in March is the live action take on Kiki's Delivery Service. Here's the trailer...

One of the many cherishable classics from the Studio Ghibli stable is the wonderful Kiki's Delivery Service. But as we reported a while back, an entirely separate live action take on the material is in the works in Japan.

It's gone back to the source novel, penned by Eiko Kadono. Her book was first published back in 1985, and she's gone on to pen four sequels to date. That said, this new film is apparently based around the first book, although don't hold us to that.

What we do have for you, courtesy of Anime News Network (via Bleeding Cool), is the first trailer for the live action Kiki's Delivery Service. There's also the news that the film itself is set for release in Japan on March 1st 2014. Here's the teaser trailer.

Anime News Network.
Bleeding Cool.

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