Kick-Ass 2, box office, and why it'll turn a profit

News Simon Brew
19 Aug 2013 - 07:30

Some reports would have you believe that Kick-Ass 2 flopped this weekend. But look a little closer...

Over the weekend, Kick-Ass 2 opened in lots of places around the world. The first film grossed $100m at cinemas worldwide, and went on to make the bulk of its money on home formats, and it was the performance outside of cinemas that triggered the planned sequel.

At the US box office this past weekend, Kick-Ass 2 opened to $13.5m, a number that Universal has already said was a little disappointing. Its final US box office total is expected to be somewhere around $30m. But that's a long way from a box office flop it's being labelled as in one or two places, because there are many other factors in play here.

Outside of the US, and in the UK in particular, Kick-Ass 2 added another $6.3m, leaving it with a worldwide gross to date of nearly $20m. It still has places in the world it has yet to open, but it's already clear it's got a job on its hands to match the $100m of the first.

And yet what's being overlooked is that Kick-Ass 2 is clearly going to see profit, and see it soon. The film cost $28m to make, a staggeringly small amount for a film in its genre, and even appreciating distribution and marketing costs, it stands half a chance of breaking even on its cinematic run alone. Then there's those home formats again, which will comfortably slide Kick-Ass 2 into the green, perhaps even enough to get the world a Kick-Ass 3.

Mark Millar has been up front that about his plans for films based on his work, and The Secret Service, which Matthew Vaughn is directing, will be on a similar model: keep the budget low, keep the creative freedom, and make the break-even line attainable.

Kick-Ass 2 may have slightly disappointed at the box office, and may not have had the same kind of all-round impact of the first film. But a flop? Nowhere near it...

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