First pictures: Jim Carrey in Kick-Ass 2

News Simon Brew
24 Sep 2012 - 06:31

Kick-Ass 2 continues to shoot in Toronto. And now, Jim Carrey's joined the fun...

Production is now - as you probably know - well underway on Kick-Ass 2, this time being directed by Jeff Wadlow. The film is currently shooting in America - it's heading to Britain soon - and as such, pictures of the shoot have been popping up online.

These latest snaps, then, give us the first glimpse of Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars in Kick-Ass 2. He's part of the Justice Forever team of heroes, and you can see them lining up for the first time here.

The pictures popped up over at Newscom, and Kick-Ass 2 is scheduled for release on 19th July 2013 in the US. We're really rather looking forward to it...

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