Kick-Ass: the brilliant new trailer

Trailer Simon Brew
22 Dec 2009 - 08:31

Meet Hit Girl in the brand new trailer for the awesome-looking Kick-Ass...

Admit it. You too can hear every tabloid newspaper editor sharpening their claws off the basis of this brilliant new trailer for Matthew Vaughn's Kick-Ass movie. Based, as you probably know, on the Mark Millar comic book work, the superb-looking film tie-in is arriving next April, and we just can't wait.

That's even more the case now that we have this new trailer for it, which debuted at IGN. We should warn you from the outset: this contains very strong language and is not for anyone under 18. We should also tell you that it's got the finest use of the Banana Splits music we've ever seen in a movie trailer ever.

The focus is on Hit-Girl, and, well, it's probably best - if you're old enough - that you watch it yourself...

Here, incidentally, is how we got on when we saw a rough cut of the film earlier this year. You know we like to plug this article at every opportunity...

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