Jim Carrey for Kick-Ass 2?

News Simon Brew 21 Aug 2012 - 07:01

Could Jim Carrey be tempted to join the line-up for the Kick-Ass sequel?

He's been off the big screen since Mr Popper's Penguins last summer, but Universal is hoping to tempt Jim Carrey back onto it with a role in the sequel to Kick-Ass.

Kick-Ass 2 is set to start filming shortly, with Aaron Johnson reprising the title role. We already know that John Leguizamo is going to be joining the cast, too. But might Jim Carrey? It's being reported that Universal wants Carrey in the role of Colonel Stars in the movie, a superhero with a militaristic theme to him.

Carrey is reportedly a fan of the original film, and we'll see in the weeks ahead if he's tempted to join the sequel. Director Jeff Wadlow is set to roll cameras on Kick-Ass 2 shortly, ahead of its release next year.


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as long as they get "trueman show" JC not "Cable Guy" JC this could work

It could be on a par with Nic Cage's performance in the first movie. A big star playing a role that's against type in order to confound expectation.

Carrey can be a lazy actor sometimes and just phone in his 'characters' but when he's on form he is fantastic. I hope it happens.

The last great performance Carrey puts in was the severely underrated I Love You Philip Morris- I'm sure he can put in another good performance if he joins the Kick-Ass sequel

Let's face it though, even when Jim Carrey is lazy, he's better than most...

Only if we see more of his darker side, rather than his lazy over-acting fallback. Get some character in there, Carrey! We need more than just a silly face this time.

Am i the only one who thought Kick-Ass was terrible? the only good bit was when you saw Nicholas Cage destroy the 'bad guys' in the warehouse! awful film! just awful!

I think this will work as long as he dosnt go Riddler on us but Im imagining and those times he's done a military type guy and i think this will work. And remember with movies that are just a paycheck you dont see much of his range but he's smart enough to know of the huge fanbass kickass has so I think we'll see some great Carrey moments here

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