Kane & Lynch movie back on, Gerard Butler linked

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5 Nov 2013 - 06:34

Once a Bruce Willis/Jamie Foxx project, the Kane & Lynch videogame adaptation is now set to star Gerard Butler, and possibly Vin Diesel

Back when the first Kane & Lynch videogame was released, most observers were of the opinion that it had been put together with one eye on a potential movie spin-off. Boasting plenty of cinematic sequences, along with two strong lead characters, the project was once upon a time set to star Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx. They even put out a promo poster for it, here:

Kane & Lynch poster

But then things went quiet.

However, The Hollywood Reporter is now saying that Nu Image/Millennium Films has brought Kane & Lynch back to life, and this time, Gerard Butler is in talks to take the role of death row inmate Kane. Vin Diesel, meanwhile, has been offered the role of Lynch, a schizophrenic killer (that's Lynch, not Diesel), but that sounds like a longer shot.

F Gary Gray had been involved with the film before, and he's now set to settle into the director's chair (Simon Crane, as the poster above shows, was the original man calling the shots). His past projects include the remake of The Italian Job, the really rather good The Negotiator, and the Gerard Butler film, Law Abiding Citizen.

When we hear more on the Kane & Lynch movie, we'll let you know...

The Hollywood Reporter.

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