Warner Bros confirms Justice League, Zack Snyder directing

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28 Apr 2014 - 05:35

It's definite: a full Justice League movie will follow Batman Vs Superman. Zack Snyder will direct both...

If you needed any further proof as to just how many of its eggs Warner Bros was pulling to put in director Zack Snyder's proverbial basket, then let this be it: Snyder is to direct the Justice League movie, which the studio has now confirmed.

Currently working on Man Of Steel follow-up Batman Vs Superman, Snyder had been casting characters from the broader DC comic universe, including Wonder Woman and Cyborg, in his new film. It had been widely expected that this was because Justice League was around the corner, and Greg Silverman, Warner Bros' president of worldwide production, has now confirmed this to the Wall Street Journal.

Silverman said that "it will be a further expansion of this universe", and that "Superman Vs Batman will lead into Justice League".

Even as late as minutes before he landed the original Superman reboot job it would have been a sizeable prediction to make to suggest Zack Snyder would be steering arguably the biggest movies on Warner Bros' slate right now. But the commercial success of Man Of Steel, and Warner Bros' desire to put Justice League up against The Avengers, have meant that's just how things have panned out.

And one more thing: in the same Wall Street Journal article, Greg Silverman also said of a Wonder Woman spin-off movie that "with the right script, that could be viable. The world is ready for her".

Batman Vs Superman is set for May 2016. We'd imagine that Justice League will follow a couple of years later.

The Wall Street Journal.

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