Justice League movie back to the drawing board

News Simon Brew
8 Feb 2013 - 08:40

It looks as if the Justice League film is back to square one, as the search begins for a new writer...

Warner Bros might yet, it seems, be facing an uphill struggle to meet its planned summer 2015 release date for its Justice League movie. The project is in active development at the studio, and it had hired Will Beall to pen a screenplay for the feature. According to a new report though, that screenplay hasn’t been well received, and it sounds as if Justice League has gone back to square one.

Obviously this is all unconfirmed, but BadAss Digest reports that heroes “have been cut and added from the proceedings seemingly at studio will”. That whilst the main five characters have been locked down, Warner Bros has been changing its mind on who else it wants included. The result was apparently a screenplay that didn’t work, and the search is on for a new writer, we’d assume.

The problem the studio faces is that it won’t be able to get a director of the calibre it’s after for the project until it’s got a good script in place. And as such, you’d have to say that the planned 2015 release is looking a little bit shaky, unless Warner Bros can get a screenplay in place that it’s happy with.

Of course, none of this has been formally confirmed. But Warner Bros will need to move quickly one way or the other in the months ahead if it still wants Justice League on schedule. Don’t be surprise if it ducks out of the summer 2015 scrum though (which includes Star Wars and The Avengers 2) and opts for a 2016 release instead. Time is decreasingly on its side.

Badass Digest.

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