Justice League movie depends on Man Of Steel success

News Simon Brew 29 Jan 2013 - 06:51
Justice League

Warner Bros might just be hedging its bets with Justice League, until the Man Of Steel numbers roll in...

There's been a shuffling of chairs over at the Warner Bros boardroom, with the studio naming a new CEO yesterday (Kevin Tsuijhara), who proved to be a surprising choice. The head of the motion picture group remains Jeff Robinov however (he was seemingly passed over for the top job), and this is important, as he's the one who has been chasing the big screen outings for the DC universe.

In Variety's report on the news, it suggests that Robinov may yet be interested in a move to another studio, but also discusses Warner Bros' upcoming slate of projects. In particular, there's the suggestion - and it's a common sense one - that Warner Bros is holding back slightly on Justice League until the fate of Man Of Steel is known.

As Variety points out, it's only the Batman pictures that have delivered for Warner Bros thus far from the DC catalogue, and "Warner's top brass has indicated that they are awaiting the results of Man Of Steel, which opens June 14, before moving further ahead" with the Justice League movie.

As things stand, Justice League is set for a summer 2015 release (although that's one crowded summer already), with Will Beall working on a screenplay. Should Man Of Steel meet a similar fate to 2011's Green Lantern, as is unlikely, then the Justice League project may yet be mothballed for the time being.

No pressure then, Zack Snyder...


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With the workprint doing the rounds hopefully we'll start to get some buzz about it. I do wonder about the movie logic of this. With Avengers grossing however many billions surely that should be their basis.....

If MOS bombs it could be the death cry for a JL movie. If people arent gonna turn out for DC's main hero then there's no point in doing a JL film. With Nolan on board tho i cant see that happening. DC would be wise to let Nolan shape the DC universe.

DC'S going good so far if it weren't for the hasty rush to Justice League.

From the looks of the trailers, promos, character visuals and all, this is the ideal Superman the big screen is destined to have, being based on the current Earth-52 comics and not to mention, the flawless guidance of Christopher Nolan. The theme of the current DC movies excluding Green Lantern (The Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel or Justice League perhaps) gives a significant edge over Marvel's offerings and substantiates them quantitatively over Marvel's qualitative eye-candy approach, thus proving that superhero movies can be taken seriously.

With Man of Steel here, who says "The Dark Knight formula" works when you're only grounded in reality?!

If Man of Steel fails at the box office, then all hope for humanity is lost. Especially seeing as something like Taken 2 did so well at the box office, and that was pure s**t.

I totally get what you're saying their and I love my comics and graphic novels. However I think there is a real danger of these things taking themselves too seriously. Batman begins was an excellent reboot, and I really love it. But I have very little love for the following two films as I found them boring - more akin to Heat (Michael Mann), but with costumes. Which isn't Batman.

Iron Man 1 I thought was genuinely entertaining where as Iron Man 2 I actually couldn't finish because it was that bad. Thor was pretty entertaining. There's a lot of hit and miss.

But for my money, The Avengers is the best yet. It doesn't take itself too seriously and because of this, and due to the excellent scripting and casting, it is a really entertaining piece. So I would argue that actually DC have a fairly difficult job of maintaining the heights that Batman hit, especially if they are going to be soooo serious all the time. It's not Gandhi, it's comic books - regardless of how good they are, they are entertainment - and I want to be entertained!!

As long as DC doesn't overdo their seriousness beyond the comics, they'll do fine. The gritty and gripping themes of masterpieces like Hush, The Dark Knight Returns or The Killing Joke for Batman and Doomsday, Y2K or Superman: The Dark Side for Superman demands equal commitment from the movies, and the success of The Dark Knight trilogy is truly attributed to its perfect exploration of all the necessary Batman themes from the comics.

Batman Begins is a genuine graphic novel-esque movie with elements involving Batman's first exploits in Gotham from "Year One" while The Dark Knight (adopted from Year-One) is a worthy litmus test for Batman as he's emotionally wringed inside out at the hands of a madman. I enjoyed TDK to its fullest potential when I watched it through the eyes of a thriller-drama-action-crime all clubbed into one. It requires a unique perspective which stands out from any other movie, let alone comic-book. Man of Steel should follow the same path, replacing "crime" with "sci-fi".

Marvel just employs more efficient money-grabbing techniques like the whole "Assemble" fag with a set of films clubbed just for the sake to establish the Cinematic Universe. Thor had a flimsy script, which was cloaked by impressive visual effects and screenplay ("A God comes on exile and goes back after gathering merit", its too bland)

The Avengers earned the type of success Transformers got, with Downey Jr. making wisecracks every 15 mins., not to mention the whole first-half was spent by the superheroes trifling with each other just because of Loki's sceptre doing magic spells in the same room or the audience laughing because Banner arrived on a scooter. Thats' pretty cheap entertainment, if you ask me...

i always had the feeling that nolan was slightly embarrassed to be working on a COMIC BOOK movie, as if it was slightly beneath him, i am a massive fan of DC's stable of characters (not so much now with the new reboot of the comics) but for me the Marvel films (even with such boring characters) are streets ahead of anything Nolan did with Batman, why does everything have to be so grounded in reality, these movies are supposed to be fantastical, which is why Warners (supposed) decision to leave MM and HM (the only aliens) out of a justice league movie just fills me with dread.

Man Of Steel is going to be a disaster. Russell Crowe said the film asks the question "how would people react if somebody like that actually existed". Well Russell, they'd say "see that bloke over there in the glasses, that's Superman".

Supes belongs in a comic book world, not in reality. Nolan really has ZERO understanding or love of the genre. If you want proof, look at the titles of the superhero films he's been involved with. Four films and the leading characters name gets used once in a title.

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