Zack Snyder on Man Of Steel's link to Justice League

News Simon Brew 26 Nov 2012 - 06:19
Superman: Man Of Steel

Will Superman reboot Man Of Steel start paving the way to 2015's Justice League movie? Zack Snyder has a hint or two...

The unveiling of next summer's Superman reboot, Man Of Steel, marks the beginning of a new chapter for DC-based movies. Warner Bros, now that it's won its pretty ugly battle for the rights to Superman, is pressing ahead with its own superhero ensemble project, the Justice League movie. That film is currently set for the summer of 2015, and Man Of Steel marks the first stepping stone towards it.

The New York Post chatted briefly to director Zack Snyder about Man Of Steel, and where it fits into Justice League. "I don't know how Justice League is going to be handled", Snyder said. "Honestly I don't. But the Man Of Steel exists, and Superman is in it. I don't know how you'd move forward without acknowledging that".

When then asked if he'd had conversations with Warner Bros about positioning Superman ahead of the Justice League movie, Snyder was inevitably quite coy. "Um, how can I answer that? I can't really say anything because that's a big spoiler. I will say yeah, they trust me to keep them on course".

Speculation time, then. That hints that Man Of Steel will at least lead some crumbs towards Justice League. Does that mean Man Of Steel will get its own post-credits sting, we wonder? At the very least, it signifies that Warner Bros was thinking about Justice League back during the production of Man Of Steel, and it's not entirely a reactive move to the box office takings of Marvel and Joss Whedon's The Avengers. It still mainly feels like that, of course.

Man Of Steel arrives in cinemas next June.

New York Post.

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Awesome. I'd put that strongly in the win column for a joint universe, add that to the talk of Batman spinning out the justice league a little while back and maybe, just maybe we might get lucky and Warner's has its head on straight.

I'm not sure DC has any idea how to handle a post-credits sequence. Look at the abysmal scene after the horrifying mess that is Green Lantern... that would've made the perfect story arc for a sequel and given them a decent shot at turning the franchise around and yet they pissed it all away in a single blow. Despicable.

This Superman movie and DC in general have a long way to go before earning my trust back.

I'd rather a Superman and Batman film like Kingdom Come tbh.

TDKR throws a spanner in the works here. Christian Bale is embedded in the public consciousness as Batman at the moment. Without introducing a new Batman before a JLA movie I don't know how it could be done.

I think DC need to copy what Fox has done recently and get a creative consultant who can work on all DC superhero movies and make sure there is a link. It would need to be someone who knows the comic characters well and knows how films work. Maybe Bruce TImm would be a good choice.

It's a hard time to be a DC fan.

Apart from a couple of books, the "New 52" comics are garbage. And what I'm worried about is that this much-hyped Justice league film is going to be taking it's cues from them, as opposed to the 70-odd years of good stuff...
Cavill wearing the New 52 Superman outfit in this is makingme very concerned indeed...

Well the sad thing is that they are already planning a reboot of Batman before the Justice league. Personally i think that this is a bad move! Instead of having yet another reboot they could simply keep same style that Christopher Nolan took with the Dark Knight Saga. Needless to say i don't have high hopes for the Justice league movie at all......I just don't think it will work as well as the Avengers

Warner needs to get either Keith Giffen or J. M. DeMatteis or both to helm the overarching Justice League issue. Another good executive would be Bruce Timm. unless they put someone already familar with the mood and particular story challenges in charge of development, this will be an unmitigated disaster.

Part of what makes JLA work - and part of what makes it funny - is the contrast between a dark adult character like Batman in the pool with kids like Flash and Blue Beetle.

"One punch."

When did they say the Batman reboot would come before Justice League? There's no time to do that before 2015, and I thought I read that they'd do another Batman movie AFTER Justice League...

If Marvel get Thanos, let's hope DC get Darkseid or the White Martians.

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