Justice League movie being readied for 2015?

News Simon Brew 19 Oct 2012 - 07:41

With the Superman rights sorted, Warner Bros looks like it's about to put Justice League against The Avengers 2...

Warner Bros is pursuing what could kindly be described as a bold strategy if the rumoured plans for its Justice League movie are true. For, following the court ruling that gave Warner Bros and DC the full rights to Superman (more on that here), it looks like it’s pressing down the accelerator on the Justice League film.

If reports are true, the studio wants to have the movie before the cameras next year, with a 2015 release date planned. 2015 is also the year when Marvel will release Joss Whedon’s The Avengers 2, creating a superhero showdown of some magnitude. One that few people think it'll win.

The concern, of course, is that Warner Bros hasn’t done the cinematic preparation work that Marvel did before it got to The Avengers. It’s not introduced the key characters in other films, and while Henry Cavill is expected to play Superman in Justice League, the rest of the cast are likely to be new to their roles. Justice League is expected to bring Batman back to the big screen again too, for the first time since The Dark Knight Rises.

Thus far, we know that the screenplay for Justice League is being put together by Will Beall, but there’s no director in place. Christopher Nolan has apparently declined the chance to be involved on some level.

More on Justice League as we get it.

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I can't see this ending well for DC/Warner. Marvel spent four years building up a mythology around their core characters, making several films to help us get to know them and care about them. Given that The Avengers, with the exception of the Hulk and Cap, is essentially compiled from Marvel's secondary level heroes this was all the more impressive.

Without a similar build up I doubt this will be as universally loved as The Avengers - especially with the reputation of Wonder Woman (most people only know her from the cheesy 70s show), the bad taste Green Lantern's cinematic adventure left in the mouth and the difficult-to-improve-on Nolan Batman series. That and the fact that after Supes and Flash the general, non-comic-booksmart Joe Public will have no idea who else is on DC's roster of heroes (and many would not even recognise Green Lantern, Flash or Aquaman).

Perhaps the new Superman film will give an idea of how this might be received.

"Cinematic preparation" is the perfect expression and the reason why it will never be as popular as Avengers. It still might be good as long as they dont try to copy Marvel and realise it needs to be a different type of ensemble movie, and I hope that the Batman they bring back will just be Batman, and not Bruce Wayne so the actor under the mask is irrelevant and the same mannerisms, voice and attitude of Bale could be used so by suspending belief it could be the same Batman is Nolans universe..

I agree - it could be good but something about the whole idea makes me very uneasy. Maybe 5 years ago it would have been a good idea... but now...?

'Avengers 2' will have 10 feature films, various Shorts, tie-in comics AND a TV Show leading into it...

I think for 'Justice League' to work it will need to be basically 'Man of Steel 2' with Superman facing a problem that requires him to put a team together...?

Have him played by Gordon Joseph Levitt...

*Geppetto voice*

Now-ah, Warners! Dont-ah you-ah screw-ah dees up!

Everytime this comes up all the Marvel lovers jump on the bandwagon and start raving about how The Avengers was all set up and as a result you had this wonderful film etc. It is a good film but it is not true to say that they can't release this film without any background. When Batman Begins was released it was a complete reboot which resulted in a film that essentially reflected what had aready been in the comic books which most cinema goers would not have been familiar with as they would have had years of thar Joel Schumacher rubbish. This only made the film better which resulted in it being the franchsie that it became.
It comes down to the story and as long as this is done by drawing off the JLA darker comic books should mean that the film is not only better than The Avengers but quite different in not being camp, especially if this can be a spin off from The Man of Steel that already looks like it will pick up from where Nolan left off.
Personally think DC is better than Marvel anyway on all levels.
Go on you tube and look at JLA game trailer. Make something like this and I'll be quite happy.

I'm amazed by the hate for a JLA movie. DC's characters are some of the most iconic in comics history and have the potential to be great on the big screen. The JLA predated The Avengers by three years, so you could easily accuse Marvel of ripping off DC by copying the idea for a superhero team. Marvel's idea to link a bunch of mediocre movies into the lead up to The Avengers isn't the only way to do this. The only prerequisite is a good script.

I don't hate it - and I know JLA came first and I look forward to it as much as any Marvel release - I just think that DC missed the boat on this one and are now going to forever, to those who don't read comics (i.e. the normal cinema going public), look like copycats hoping to cash in on The Avengers.

At last a DC fan

The formula is simple. Get great script, get great director, get great actors and you'll have a great movie. Ohh and trust those great people. I understand that the suits will be tempted to "fix" things after they have invested 200+ million dollars, but they shouldn't! Whedon has said that the theatrical release is his director's cut. It looks like Marvel gave him a lot of freedom and trusted his decisions.

Of course the build up helped "The Avengers", but it would have been great movie even without it.

There is no way that DC can possibly win this. Marvel put in years of groundwork for Avengers and saw it pay off. Warner cannot possibly think that they can make a Justice League fly (hehe) just off the back of a Zack Snyder movie.

The JLA game trailers really are great and immediately draw you in to the storytelling, if a film can echo that kind of gritty realism it will be ten times better than the Avengers.

The point is that if you don't let some douchbag like Michael Bay anywhere near it and don't make the film for non comic booker readers you have more than half a chance of it being successful. The mistake would be to undo all the hard work / direction that Warner have taken with Batman and the upcoming Superman to make something that is different from the Avengers. I appreciate in order for it to compete it will have to appeal to the masses e.g. juvenile popcorn eaters but as already proved with Batman you can have success without compromising too much on the story to still achieve this.
Please please please make this for the fans not people who only have a vague idea as to who these characters are.

I don't think there is as much hate for DC that you make out. I consider myself a Marvel fan but that doesn't mean that I want to see DC fall on there faces. However, it is pretty clear that DC just hasn't done as well on the movie front as Marvel and this movie feels like they are throwing the dice rather than putting into place a careful plan. Perhaps I am wrong and it is difficult to judge the direction of the film at this stage but DC should look at Bruce Timm's work on Justice League the animated series and try and adapt that to film.

It'll never happen.

What could be even better than the above ideas is having a complete sense of mystery over just who this Batman is for the whole film, then move on to tackling/teasing his identity further in another Batman film.

Off the top of my head I don't think I've ever seen a superhero film or TV show do this
(KIck Ass could have done it if they hadn't decided to change things from the comic). I think it'd be really interesting to see a superhero film where the audience is unsure who's behind the mask.

Planning to have it out the same year as Avengers 2 is suicide. At least schedule it for a year that doesn't already feature a massive superhero team-up movie.

Hey! I'm a Marvel lover (to a degree) but they've earned that through putting out great movies.

DC's filmmaking high point for me was the original Superman movie and everything after that kind of missed the point. I.m just worried that because of the money Nolan's films have made that they'll just try and continue in that vein with JLA.

I agree that going with a darker tone will differentiate it from Avengers but if they go the route where they ignore the fantastical elements of the DCU then they'll be selling themselves short.

Marvel have embraced this and run with it and people buy into it because they can see that the movies aren't embarrassed about their roots.

Don't make it, please don't make it... Superman (as it is right now) is a dead franchise will it be resurrected? perhaps but why then put that hard work at risk by putting it in a "super team" situation where the no doubt edgier Superman vibe which zak snyder will create will be dummed down for a PG-13 rating, exactly the same for Batman which has gone on to huge success (with a director/actor combo that would not be present in a JL movie) by being quite dark. Im probably in line for a barrage of abuse here but, 2 cape wearing characters... in the same movie? its just a bit naff.

Have Marvel really put out great movies, though? How many duds for every good one, and does the overwhelming success of Avengers really justify all the Marvel duds? Daredevil, Elektra, Fantastic 4 (1+2), and some might put the case for some of the Spiderman and X-Men series. In some ways it's lucky that Avengers got made at all. Look at the Alien or Terminator series by comparisson - a couple of superb films each, followed by (mostly) duds, and people cry out that the franchises are dead. And with films linked to Avengers... Iron Man 2 was weak, Incredible Hulk was mediocre and they fell out with Norton anyway, and I don't remember any of the others being exactly hailed as classics.
That special by-law must be invoked again, whereby geeks can like both DC and Marvel films. JLA is only on paper so far and it's already being written off by some people on here, as if Avengers was the one-and-only superhero team that could succeed, and anything else is just riding on its coat tails and destined to fail. Ah the open mind and optimism of the modern geek.

A superhero isn't anymore complicated a character than any other film character. In fact I'd say most of them are decidedly less so. Who says they need the "groundwork" in order for a team film to work? It's still just a film about a group of people, like most other films. You don't normally need a lead-up film for each individual character just to make an ensemble peice work, and I don't see why it should be any different for superhero films.

Because superheroes are different. In order for a superhero to work, we have to be completely behind the character. The more we are behind them, the more the film works.

For a superhero ensemble to work with no groundwork, it would have to devote pretty much all of its runtime to introducing the various heroes, their powers and all that. Means they won't have as much time to focus on them kicking supervillain arse.

Or Val Kilmer, superman could have to create the Justice League to combat the crime that was bat nipples.

to be clear when I'm talking marvel movies I'm speaking specifically about those that have been made by Marvel itself rather than the ones done by other studios.

I'm not saying that all the Marvel Studio films are on the same level either but even Iron Man 2 (which is the weakest I've seen and I've still not yet managed to see the Norton Hulk) is better than most of those produced by the other studios save for the first two Blade movies and X-men 1, 2 and First Class.

Even so that's a pretty good hit rate. Now DC are limited to the Superman, Batman and Green Lantern movies (not counting ones like Watchmen etc) and while you could argue for the relative success of the Nolan movies I would argue that most of WB's adaptations don't actually represent the comics they come from and so leaves fans of those characters wanting more. I can understand them wanting to replicate the formula of the Nolan films though as a look through the rest of the movies shows a great number of duds in their catalogue.

Personally I find this frustrating as a comics fan as I would love to see great movies based on DC properties but I think with WB taking seniority in the development of them there isn't the same connection with the material. They're moviemakers doing comic book films, not comic book creators making movies. At Marvel there's a much closer working relationship with comic writers and use the same techniques for making movies as they do for comics, whereas at WB they're kept at arm's length and are lucky to be even let on set let alone consulted.

stan lee has admitted marvel did actually rip off the jla to some extent,first off the fantastic four would not have existed was it not for how well the jla were doing, then after that went so well and how many of their characters were doing well marvel decided to go with the avengers. stan lee says all of this in the avengers jla crossover

i feel really sorry for dc, they have been trying to get a jla movie out for as long as marvel were doing it, but with all the rights to the 2 main guys being with different companys they couldnt do it, now that they have got the rights at last they are rushing it badly. especially since dc has a bad track record on movies, not counting the very first batman and superman, or the 3 dark night movies,and i think the main problem for that is that although they have the 2 most iconic in bats and supes, they only really have wonder woman who is truly easy to recognize, and lets be honest,who would really want to go c a movie about her? i hope im wrong and the jla is good but i just cant see it working out on the first attempt, especially against the avengers 2 which will have got even bigger hype from thor 2, cap 2 and iron man 3

To say that Justice League won't work because Marvel already did it is to say that any action film won't work because other action films have come before it.

Oh this is going to end badly.

There are many characters in DC who have the potential to be great in movie form but throwing a bunch of them into one together isn't going to allow them time to grow. It seems quite likely some will come off as very two dimensional because there won't be time for back-stories and character development.

Thats a great idea, assuming you mean a mystery over it being Bruce Wayne rather than the actor playing him, as there's no way the online media could keep that a secret! I wouldn't have JG-L playing Batman as I never could see him as a Batman. At 5' 10" he just doesn't have the build for it (probably more like a Robin)

That is what I meant, yes.

Build schmild really, just 'cause he doesn't have that look at the moment doesn't mean that he wouldn't be able to obtain it with some work, look at the amount of times that Bale has gained, lost and regained weight for roles. Of course, Levitt could easily be ruled out for other reasons.

Of course, this idea would be an incredibly ballsy move and difficult to pull off, so I'm willing to bet it won't happen and they'll just take the 'easy way out', but it would be awesome if it did. :)

I don't get the whole no one knows who the members of the JLA are other than Superman and Batman. Even ignoring Lynda Carter, there's a whole generation who grew up with Justice League Unlimited. One of the issues with the GreenLantern movie was a lot of folks wondering why John Stewart had been replaced by a white guy named Hal Jordan who acted like Guy Gardner. The new Aquaman series has been tearing up the public perception of Aquaman as being useless (Robot Chicken anyone?) I'd dare say more of the non comic book public knows who Jonn Jonnz is than Hal Jordan due to JLI and Smallville.

JLA doesn't work on any level I'm afraid, despite me being the original Batman fan.

Firstly, apart from Batman and Superman the rest of the JLA are simply not as interesting as their Marvel counterparts. And neither has any interest been generated by producing movies that do them justice (apart from Batman, Green Lantern was sh ! t, Superman Returns was nothing new, and nothing to show for WonderWoman, Aquaman or Flash).

Second, like others have mentioned DC have not done sufficient groundwork in the form of individual character movies. The whole concept Marvel has employed is quite genius, what would top everything to date is if Marvel Studios could do a deal with Sony Pictures to get Spiderman involved in Avengers 3...remember, you heard it here first.

ooh, ooh and Wolverine ;-)

They need to do a jla tower of babel based plot

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