Brett Ratner and McG linked with Justice League movie?

News Simon Brew 30 Aug 2012 - 06:53

A few more names have been linked with Warner Bros' planned Justice League movie....

Hmmmm. Yesterday, we noted in a story chatting about Batman being rebooted as part of Warner Bros’ planned Justice League movie that one of the names on the directorial shortlist for the latter was Brett Ratner. We briefly mentioned it because it was a rumour from one source, and figured it best to leave it at that.

But there’s now another source, and further names have been added to the list. The latest additions have come from ThinkMcFlyThink’s Peter Georgiou (via Comic Book Movie). ThinkMcFlyThink have a good track record with rumours in the past, and the names that were or are on the shortlist are Ben Affleck (who has said that he’s not involved), The Wachowskis (Warner Bros is reportedly impressed with their work on Cloud Atlas), Brett Ratner, Ruben Fleischer (presumably Warner Bros is happy with his upcoming Gangster Squad), McG, and Zack Snyder (a logical addition to the list, given Man Of Steel).

How many of those are still in any kind of contention remains to be seen, and Warner Bros’ shortlist is likely to have more names on it than that. Without wishing to overstate the obvious, we suspect few would jump for joy if McG or Brett Ratner got the job. We would bet decent money right now that neither will get it.

Zack Snyder? It depends how Man Of Steel turns out (and if he goes on to make Man Of Steel 2). Ruben Fleischer might be the interesting outside choice here (he also helmed Zombieland).

One of the few certainties we can draw here, though, is that Justice League seems a very active project at Warner Bros right now. Hopefully, it follows the lead of Marvel and appoints someone who can at least get near the standard that Joss Whedon has set on The Avengers...


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These are the exact same names that Warner Bros was trying to get to do Superman, TEN YEARS AGO. How is it that they can't manage to make a film of anything DC related if Christopher Nolan isn't holding their dicks and pointing in the right direction for them?

how has no-one noticed yet that Ratner and McG suck?

You don't go from handing a franchise to a director such as Nolan to someone like ratner or McG. Thy can't be that stupid? Please god they can't. Can they? At least they've stopped talking about comic book movies dark because of TDKs success

Ha hah haha ahahah ahhaahah ahahha ah hahhhaah ahaha hhaahahhaha ahahahahhahahhaaa ....intake of breath... hahah hahah hah ah aha hah ahah ah hah ahhah ha ha hhahahadhha! Like I predicted yesterday - car crash.

Well done DC. The perfect way to kill off ur upcoming JL project before u've even rolled a camera. Really guys? Ratner? McG? JESUS CHRIST! Who's in charge over there?

Surely Brad Bird should be on that list?

Oh, plenty of people have, it's just the studios haven't.

Come one, why not just go the whole hog and give it to Bay. Then we can have loads of big explosions, no character development, piss poor jokes and most importantly - totally unnecessary tracking shots of Wonder Womans arse.

Nonsense. They're generating interest before they announce a worthy director.

ahahaha funny!

Please DC Don't do this. You need to be careful with this film and possible Franchise.

Way to make Billions and a great film, with snappy interplay and great directorial touches - Joss Whedon

Way to hamstring an entirely good franchise and create cinematic garbage. Can both be handed equally (Terminator Salvation,This Means War) (X-Men Last Stand) to - McG + Brett Ratner.

What Whedon and Marvel understood, was, that it's not all about the KERPOW, its also about a touch of wry wit, subtle directorial touches, and team interplay. Something that McG has never done, And it appears that Brett Ratner has learnt vaguely to copy (Tower Heist, being Oceans whatever) but tends to go for the big obvious swings,, missing the defter touches.

DC fans will not stand for another throw as much at it and see what sticks approach, something that will be sure to happen with these two directorial choices.

Some suggestions, Rodrigo Cortez, Adam Mckay, and a host of many others.

Are the studio this out of touch with the fans/reality

i for one will NOT be watching if either McG or Ratner are anywhere near this film!

ToonMonkey - "...totally unnecessary tracking shots of Wonder Womans arse." Yep. And what's wrong with that?

McG? if so, expect people to be punched and then spin in the air 50 times before hitting the ground.

They need a director who's a fan of the JL.... how about Guy Richie?

I just popped down Ladbrokes and bet my grandmother on Uwe Boll getting this gig.

Kevin Smith would be a great choice, that is, if he happened to be a good director.

They should give it to Peter Howitt.

Zack Snyder might be a good choice depending on how much money Superman makes and how well the fans take to it. I also like Ben Affleck even though he might be a bit left field since he has never done a comicbook film but if there is one thing Warner Brothers could learn from Marvel is that sometimes making left field choices can bring you success. I think giving it to McG and Brett Ratner would be a mistake as neither have the abilities that Warner Brothers are looking for to make Justice League a success.

Doesn't McG generally have a bad record? If he just handed over his CV -granted there may be a lot on there- But his previous direction history's pretty poor.

If this turns out to be true then the only feasible explanation is that Paramount agents have infiltrated Warner

great.. Brett Stinker and McCrap.. at least something less to eagerly await.

I take it you're not very fond of her.

This is the worst reality. Pick again Abed!

They had Joss Whedon... they blew it.

Anything is better than Ratner. Having Bay would be infinitely preferable to Ratner.

As if DC has any sort of say for this. It's WARNER BROS WARNER BROS WARNER BROS WARNER BROS WARNER BRO. Get it right.

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