Brett Ratner and McG linked with Justice League movie?

News Simon Brew
30 Aug 2012 - 06:53

A few more names have been linked with Warner Bros' planned Justice League movie....

Hmmmm. Yesterday, we noted in a story chatting about Batman being rebooted as part of Warner Bros’ planned Justice League movie that one of the names on the directorial shortlist for the latter was Brett Ratner. We briefly mentioned it because it was a rumour from one source, and figured it best to leave it at that.

But there’s now another source, and further names have been added to the list. The latest additions have come from ThinkMcFlyThink’s Peter Georgiou (via Comic Book Movie). ThinkMcFlyThink have a good track record with rumours in the past, and the names that were or are on the shortlist are Ben Affleck (who has said that he’s not involved), The Wachowskis (Warner Bros is reportedly impressed with their work on Cloud Atlas), Brett Ratner, Ruben Fleischer (presumably Warner Bros is happy with his upcoming Gangster Squad), McG, and Zack Snyder (a logical addition to the list, given Man Of Steel).

How many of those are still in any kind of contention remains to be seen, and Warner Bros’ shortlist is likely to have more names on it than that. Without wishing to overstate the obvious, we suspect few would jump for joy if McG or Brett Ratner got the job. We would bet decent money right now that neither will get it.

Zack Snyder? It depends how Man Of Steel turns out (and if he goes on to make Man Of Steel 2). Ruben Fleischer might be the interesting outside choice here (he also helmed Zombieland).

One of the few certainties we can draw here, though, is that Justice League seems a very active project at Warner Bros right now. Hopefully, it follows the lead of Marvel and appoints someone who can at least get near the standard that Joss Whedon has set on The Avengers...


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