New directors linked to Justice League movie

News Glen Chapman 28 Aug 2012 - 06:21

With Ben Affleck declaring himself out, have a directorial duo have emerged as Warner Bros' favourites for the Justice League job?

A few weeks back there were rumblings that Ben Affleck was being considered by Warner Brothers to take the helm of the planned Justice League movie. In fact, the rumour mill was strongly suggesting that talks between the studio and the director were imminent.

They weren't, of course, as has been confirmed by Ben Affleck, who said “I'm not working on Justice League. One of the problems with entertainment websites is that they need to fill pages and that's how rumours get started... the Justice League sounds really exciting, but it's not something I'm working on".

That's a shame, in a way. Even though there are suspicions abounding as to a Justice League movie right now, Ben Affleck is a smart director, and his upcoming Argo looks like one of the treats of the year. That said, he is already committed to directing the Stephen King adaptation The Stand for the studio anyway. Even if the rumours had been true, his schedule is likely to be blocked out for a while.

With Affleck declaring himself out, the latest rumour suggests that Matrix-duo Lana and Andy Wachowski are now topping the studio's wishlist. Apparently, Warner Bros is delighted with how the pair's forthcoming Cloud Atlas movie is looking, and they're directors who certainly know how to deliver visual spectacle. Furthermore, they're clearly comfortable with films of this scale.

Things preventing the Wachowski's from taking the job would be the fact that they have also got another big project lined up in the form of Jupiter Ascending. In fact, they have Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis lined up to star in the film, which is hoped to be the first part of a trilogy.

More news on Justice League when we get it, though.

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Unless the Wachowski brothers drop Jupiter Ascending from their schedule then I don't see them making Justice League, which is probably for the best as I'm not the biggest fan of their ability to put a screenplay together. I'd be tempted to give Jonathan Nolan the chance of directing a Justice League. It might be a bit a risk but if he worked on the screenplay with David S. Goyer at least the story would be brilliant.

Chris Nolan? I don't think Jonathan has directed before.

I guess if they do do it, we can look forward to seeing Hugo Weaving in the role of Lex Luthor. And doesn't Keanu Reeves look an awful lot like Superman? Just a thought.

Your right, he hasn't but I heard rumours that he put his name in the hat for Superman and I felt this might be an opportunity for him to get into the directors chair. However, he has no experience, which is why it might be too big of a risk for Warner Brothers.

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