Justice League movie moving ahead?

News Simon Brew
6 Jun 2012 - 06:22

Off the back of The Avengers, Warner Bros takes a step towards bringing Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more together, in Justice League...

You'd have to say this story isn't a surprise. At the time of writing, Marvel's The Avengers movie has over $1.3bn in the bank from the worldwide box office alone, and it's basically redefined the financial expectations of the modern day superhero movie. Warner Bros is one of the many studios that has taken notice.

Compared to Marvel, the DC universe has been less successfully leveraged on the big screen. Outside of Superman and Batman, Warner Bros has struggled to find bona fide success. But that hasn't stopped it resurrected its plan for a Justice League movie, and Variety is now reporting that the studio has ordered a script for such a film.

Will Beall is the man it's entrusted to come up with a first draft. Beall has penned the studio's upcoming Gangster Squad film, and his hiring marks the latest attempt to mount a Justice League movie. It's been a few years now since George Miller was set to direct one.

Which heroes, and in what guise, will be featured is a tricky one. Batman and Superman are certainties, although it's equally likely that Christian Bale won't be playing the former. But who else will be in there? Green Lantern? Wonder Woman? The Flash? Why not help yourself to a little speculation in the comments, below...


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