Jurassic World round-up

News Glen Chapman 10 Feb 2014 - 06:44

The latest on Jurassic Park 4 - aka Jurassic Work - which is set to start shooting shortly...

Production isn't far off now on the fourth Jurassic Park movie, Jurassic World, which is going before the cameras in the next few months.

One key component of the new movie is actor Chris Pratt, who's set to build on the fine work he's put on the screen over the years. Pratt is best known as Andy from Parks And Recreation, and he was also a standout in the movie  Moneyball. 2014 looks to be a big year for Pratt too, with The LEGO Movie and Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy arriving.

He's playing the lead in Jurassic World, which is being directed by Colin Trevorrow (whose excellent Safety Not Guaranteed is finally getting a disc release in the UK). Chatting to MTV, Pratt revealed of the new movie that "what I liked about it was that it answers the question of, 'why would you do that?' Like how do you suspend disbelief to be like, 'Oh yes, let's make this mistake again. We haven't learned our lesson about dinosaurs, we should definitely live with them and see how that works out.' after three tries at it".

He added that "they answer the question really well through the script. Colin did a great job of writing it and justifying it and in his own way having fun with that, so anybody who goes in with that question will be really amused – the way I was – about how they answer that".

So what can be expect from his character? "He's got a little bit of the Goldblum cynicism but also the Sam Neill excitement at the wonder of the biology of it all, So it's a combination".

Furthermore, it's been revealed that Colin Trevorrow will shoot Jurassic World on film, using both 35mm and 65mm. That makes an IMAX release something of an inevitability.

Jurassic World is due in cinemas in the summer of 2015.

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Come on, please. You MUST have an appearance from a character of the original 3, weather it be Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm, or even Eric Kirby! I just want a connection to the past.

Would love to see Sam Niell in this. And IMAX? Yay. I saw the original one in IMAX last year and loved every minute of it.

Jurassic Work, what are you on aobut?

Jurassic Work?

Still no Goldblum.... sigh.

They can integrate the previous movies with ease. Make BioSyn the new dinocloning company (InGen surely went bankrupt after the San Diego Incident) which is owned by Dodgson, the guy with the hat who wanted the dino embryo's for his company because they were years behind InGen.

The Spinosaurus in JP3 wasn't on InGen's list and how does a small group of people encounter it in the first place when a very big group of dinohunters doesn't in 'The Lost World'? Because it wasn't on the island! Make the Spino the prototype dinosaur that BioSyn made and dropped on the island to see how it does. This also ties in with the hints that they will make dinosaurs fight in 'Jurassic World', because the Spino fought the T-Rex.

The characters from the previous movies can return for instance as advocates against the new park, pointing out the dangers. You can even bring back Timmy from the first movie for that. He's a pretty good actor these days, and had a big role in Spielberg and Hanks' The Pacific HBO series.

So did I. :)

What are YOU on aobut?


I guess he could be playing Timmy all grown up inheriting his grandfather's fortune...

Really rather excited about this.

It's spelt "yea" not "yay

Sam Neil.

No more large Dinosaurs. The existence of the Spinosaurus on Sorna is still a mystery to me.
Ingen has had too many law suits, too many failures to be the company behind the new park. Hammond was too much of a pacifist. Too lax and irresponsible to make it happen.
And for the love of God someone kill a Dinosaur! honestly it's like the movies were made by animal rights extremists, you know, the ones who can watch countless people die without an issue but lose their minds when even an animal on a video game gets it? If I pay to see another game of tag between idiots and monsters I'm going to give up on film.

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