Confirmed: Jurassic Park 4 put back to 2015

News Simon Brew 19 Jun 2013 - 05:58

It looks like we've got at least another additional year to wait before we get to see Colin Trevorrow's Jurassic Park 4...

UPDATE: This now appears confirmed. Coming Soon attended the Licencing Expo in Las Vegas this past weekend, and promotional material had a 2015 release date on it.

Here's our original story from last Friday...

This one's probably not a surprise, but we're hearing from a solid source that Jurassic Park 4 has now been formally put back to 2015. The film was originally scheduled for release next summer, but then reports surfaced of a delay to the movie, that was subsequently confirmed by Universal Pictures.

Well, no date was given at the time of the Universal statement (which was released at the start of May), but we're now hearing that the movie, which is being directed by Colin Trevorrow, will be a 2015 release. More than likely a summer 2015 release.

Furthermore, it appears that the 3D re-release of Jurassic Park in the UK, which is scheduled for the end of August, will be limited to IMAX screens only. This is reportedly because the re-release did the vast majority of its business in the US on IMAX screens earlier this year.

There's been no formal announcement on either of these, but when we get it, we'll let you know.

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To be honest, Jurassic Park was at its best in IMAX so in a way, people are kinda forced to get the best experience out of it, especially in the sound department. I've seen the movie theatrically four times to know this and to date, the first viewing in IMAX easily crowns the best.

But I'd totally get why people would be upset in having to pay more just to see their favorite movie on a big(ger) screen.

Just want to advise people there that if you have a true 10-story tall IMAX screen locally, go for that one. Try to avoid "LieMax" if possible.


As for JP4 delayed, I don't mind. After Jurassic Park 3, I think it's best to take all the time they need to create another masterpiece, not a spoiled popcorn flick that is The Lost World but more so JP3.

After all this time it better be miles ahead of Jurassic park 3...

but what about us who have not got a imax anywhere near us? my nearest imax is over 40 miles away whereas I have a multiplex only 2 miles away....

I can't wait to pay to see JP3D at IMAX. Trailer was on before Man of Steel IMAX and it looked amazing

Wow ! What a surprising news ! XD 1 year was way too short for such a blockbuster, 2 years seems more realistic.

2015 is going to be a great year. Can't wait for this movie and it's the year we finally all get those flying hoverboards we were promised!

This makes me sad. "an unknown writer", "waiting even more" "only one set photo". They'd better not ruin my fave franchise.

And they've still got 15 more Jaws films to make for then.

Personally I think JP2 was much, much worse. JP3 was just bland.

There's no way Universal would have released JP4 in the same summer as Godzilla, Pixar's dinosaur film and Ninja Turtles (turtles are reptiles right?).

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