Jurassic Park 4 returning to Isla Nublar

News Simon Brew 3 May 2013 - 06:59

Director Colin Trevorrow offers the first tease of Jurassic Park 4...

You're going to have to forgive our ongoing excitement at the though of a new Jurassic Park movie. We're the ones who'd happily sit through a new Jurassic Park movie every year, so when it was confirmed that Jurassic Park 4 was coming in 2014, and then that Colin Trevorrow was directing it, we allowed ourselves a cry of joy.

That's why, even though we're not in the habit of reporting every picture that a director Tweets from the set of their movie, we shamelessly can't help ourselves here.

That said, the Tweet that Colin Trevorrow sent out about Jurassic Park 4 last night did have something of real note within it. For he seems to confirm that the new movie will be taking place on Isla Nublar. That's where the first film was set, with the sequels heading off to Isla Sorna instead. Might the original park be back in action, or has it been left in a state of disrepair, much to the annoyance of those who live within it?

We've no idea, in truth. But we look forward to finding out. Below is the picture that Trevorrow Tweeted, so you can see just how calm and idyllic Isla Nublar is looking...


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"Erm... y-you are planning... to show us some dinosaurs... on your dinosaur tour, right? Erm... hello? Hello?" *knock knock*


*Ahem* sorry. Just kind of a really BIG fan of Jurassic Park. Tee hee. tee hee hee hee!

I really hate that man...

My guess is that this is island has been quarantined and to develop naturally but for some reason they have to clear the island of Dinos - massive oil or diamond strike found on the island? - so the army is sent in to clear the Dinos off, not 1 or 2 T-Rexs but 20 or 30, not 5 Raptors but 200, think Aliens with the Army armed to the teeth with Helicoptors, tanks, flamethrowers etc, Triceratops charging at APCs...

The more I think about it the more I desperately hope this is the type of film they are going to do, JP3 done right!

That just doesn't sound right. It isn't Jurassic Park

Dinosaurs vs army?? Jeez I hope not. Just look at the mess of JP2 to see what happens when you have armed men fighting dinosaurs.

JP3, for all it's faults, was a survival story, not a war film. Any new sequel needs to follow a similar idea.

That is a very pretty lawn.

To make Jurassic Park even remotely interesting to me, they're going to have to go back to the aborted Dino-Man hybrid story. I know it sounds like a load of old testicles but it's a film about dinosaurs which are able to thrive in Earth's current climate despite the fact that any good dinologist would tell you that they wouldn't be able to.
And don't anyone go touting any pseudo-science that was shoe-horned into any of the films as proof as to why it's possible.
It's not possible but it's a film so it doesn't matter. Which is exactly why they should have Dino-Men.

I always wonderd what happend to Isla Nublar. In non of the movies there was a mention to the napalm attack by the army from the books. Dino's could live on both Sorna and Nublar. Now remember The Lost World, where that boat guy told the team the five islands are called The Five Deads. Could there be dino's on the other three islands?
Also, bring in the evil BioSyn corporation from the books, Dodgson!

We've already seen the whole "returning to an abandoned island years later, the dinos having taken control". It was The Lost World.

What we've never actually seen is a fully functioning Jurassic Park - i.e. the theme park that never was. Bustling, full of visitors when it all goes wrong.

Would be close to the original but on a much bigger scale.

I hope there's no kids in this film, or couples going through a divorce. Imagine if Jaws had done the same. Ramp up the horror and do this thing right, please!

I'm pretty sure you can expect there to be kids in it. The JP films are squarely aimed at the family market...

if you do the same film over and over then what is the point, there is only so many times you can have a small group of innocents and children being somehow being stranded on the island out of comms before it gets boring.

Dinosaurs will eat anything. Loves kids.

How calm and idyllic Isla Nublar is looking...Looks stormy and cloudy weather to me!

They wont. it will be a safe pg family movie.

Are you feeling alright?

I'm severely excited too, but how on Earth are they gonna do this?

As much as I'm sure everyone would like to see Dinosaurs with rocket launchers and laser-beams I think this is going to be the best solution.

Set X number of years later. Island will have already been re-claimed from Mr Angry Dinosaur. The idea from the original film is in place. Theme Park has been established, people are visiting it, buying the lunch boxes etc.

(Insert Random Disaster) I'm hoping for Volcano.

Dinosaurs get loose on mass and start eating random tourist trying to flee the island. The Plane / Ship that the tourist need to escape is destroyed and they need to make it too X way over the other-side of Dinosaur landscape, that's currently being ripped apart by earthquakes and a Volcano going "Look at me I'm special effects gold!"

Sort of Dinosaurs, Disaster, Survival Movie.

Bring back the Wayne Knight character from the first film. What if he didn't die? Just blinded and horribly injured and living on the island for the last 20 years.

He would be a bearded insane savage by now, relying on his wits and cunning to survive.

That's not how you spell crap

@Joe...ummm, 'kraP' is 'Park' backwards

I would love them to make it an 18. Make it a proper dinosaur horror film t be remembered through the ages.

Failing that, a 15-rated which gives us some nostalgia on Isla Nublar. And make it good.

"First it's the ooh's and ahh's and later it's the running and the screaming!"

I'd rather see Peter Jackson actually make the two sequels to his King Kong that he joked about during production; there were some cool Dino Riders-esque ideas in the mix!

An elite team of Marines are dropped onto the island after all comms stop. Recon reveals no signs of life and all facitilities abandoned... or have they?
They could call it... Aliens--I mean, Dinosaurs.

That's not Jurassic Park, thats some Michael Bay-esque action movie replacing giant robots with dinosaurs. And given the state of modern blockbusters, a horror thats all to easy to imagine. Jurassic Park should be an adventure film. It should have action and horror, yes. But it should also have a sense of wonder and awe, suspense, and it should be fun. Not another bland military action sci fi film.

This is EXACTLY what I want to see in JP 4 ! A functioning Jurassic Park, with thousands of visitors, and then dinosaurs escape and start killing everyone !

Surely it can be both? I just watched Iron Man 3 and there was slow moments, moments of suspense and a massive great tear up at the end and that was a great film.

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