Abandoned concept art for Jurassic Park 4

News Simon Brew 10 Oct 2012 - 07:11

Once upon a time, Jurassic Park 4 was going to go in a very odd direction. Some newly-surface concept art shows how...

Right now, writing work is underway on the planned Jurassic Park 4, with the plan being still to have it in cinemas around 2014-ish. But it's taken a long time to get this far, with a couple of previous attempts to get the movie having hit the buffers.

One of those was centred around a script from John Sayles and William Monahan, which would have seen, er, genetically mutated dinosaur/dog/human creatures, made as a result of the DNA experiments that have underpinned the film series thus far.

This treatment did get quite far, with concept art and sculptures produced before someone, wisely, decided to pull the plug. According to the Jurassic Park IV fan site, who spoke to the artist Carlos Huante, when the artwork we're about to show you made it to the heads of Amblin, "they shut down the project almost instantly".

It's not hard to see why. It's no slight on the art, rather the idea behind it. Can you imagine a Jurassic Park 4 with creatures like these...?

Jurassic Park IV.

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Can't believe they didn't go with that design, considering it was so well received in Alien Resurrection.....

No wonder this never happened (thank God)

Burn them before Primeval gets hold of them.

II & III are pretty poor so at least this would've been interesting.

sweet more Primeval, ;)

For any other project this concept might work, but preferably not Jurassic Park.

The entire series of films, despite some decent special effects, are a pile of shite anyway so why should it matter if number 4 is a bit dodgy?

If only the human/alien had looked more like this and less like the one that made it to the screen...

Hmmm... So it's a human-velociraptor hybrid? I wonder where the story could have gone with this... 'Scientist takes the technology in a different direction, with terrible consequences...' Might have given Jurassic Park more of a horror slant. Or just been cack.

Amen to that!!

Im starting to think that this is a great concept outside of the world of Jurrasic Park. If this was used in a new series that was based around similar genetic concepts with the Dino DNA but instead of creating Dinos they could have created these. I want someone to write that because i think these designs are to good to waste. Just dont put them near JP

Heard about this a long time ago but has assumed it was a crock. seem to remember the hybrids being some sort of super soldier developed by the military. At least there would be a point to telling the story unlike 2 and 3.

Keep the idea and concept and remove the Jurassic Park element, then make this movie. Taking it away from Jurassic Park and creating it's own IP could actually create a decent prospect.

... here's the one guy who loved the Newborn design :)

If only Alien Resurrection hadn't made it to the screen.....

When I clicked on this headline, this was just about the last thing I expected to see. Had the people who designed these ever even seen a Jurassic Park film?
Sort of puts me in mind of the old William Goldman quote about film-making in Hollywood: "Nobody knows anything."

Jurassic Krap

... wrong in both accounts, this is neither "jurassic" or "krap". These are perfectly cool concept designs for some horror movie we will never see. Thank heavens someone at the top said "NO" to this idea though....

well this is kind of awkward .they shouldnt take the movie on the platform of genetcially mutated human/dino's i guess it wwuld just take the JURASSIC PARK theme out of it's place.THEY SHOULD MAKE THE MOVIE TAKING JURASSIC PARK OUT OF THE PICTURE :)

That's, uh, that's chaos theory...

I love JP III...one of the most underrated sequels of all time.

Looks like Lizard from Amazing Spider-Man to me...

I really really like this concept art but agree that I wouldnt much fancy watching a jurassic park film with these in.
It makes me sad that Hollywood actually come up with some good ideas but then ruin it by weakly attaching it to a franchise... but hey, its all about the money I guess. :(

It's probably a very relevent concept on the theme of genetic dabbling, but it's no longer Jurrasic Park. It takes the theme in a new direction that is so different from the JP progression to date that it looses all contact with it. This new concept might possibly have a legitimate future as a branch-off theme (especially in a TV series) based on the concept: "What are the evil moguls of Ingen up to NOW?" - but that would perhaps be too similar to Primeval. To present it as a "Jurassic Park" event would be like making a film called "Avengers 4" which features the Justice League of America - sheer misrepresentation.

I agree with you. It could be a film or TV project called "Ingen", or whatever, which takes the mythos in the direction of "Guess what those maniacs who run Ingen are up to now!" I think that would work, as you suggest. The concept is good, but it has to be set in the right context.

That man has a giant dildo in his ass.

I wonder what Michael Crichton would've said about this...

Apparently, 29 of us care, so...

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