New trailer lands for The Wachowskis' Jupiter Ascending

Trailer Simon Brew 27 Mar 2014 - 06:26

Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis star in The Wachowskis' Jupiter Ascending. The new trailer and poster are right here...

Last year, Warner Bros heavily backed a non-franchise science fiction movie, and was just about rewarded when Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim made it to $400m at the worldwide box office. This year, the studio's backed two more. One of them is Edge Of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise. The riskiest, and arguably the most interesting is Jupiter Ascending, from Andy and Lana Wachowski.

Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum lead the cast of the film, which arrives in UK cinemas on July 25th. And we've got a brand new trailer for it here, that offers a further glimpse at the movie. We're looking forward to this one...

And while you're here, here's the new poster too...

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Mila Kunis cleaning a toilet??? Yeah, right!

What's Mr Tumnus from Narnia doing here?? Looks ok though

Yawn. Light of Zartha....sorry....Jupiter....hasn't this all been done? Many many times?

So how is Sean Bean going to die in this one?

Like most story-archetypes, this is really ancient. You could argue that there haven't been any entirely new and groundbreaking stories since steel was invented, except for adapting to changing circumstances.

This reminds me a bit of various adaptations of "Dune", as well as of much work done by Moebius.

I'm sorry I dosed off halfway through this trailer. Can someone please summarise it for me? All I remember is "chosen one, creators of the Matrix Trilogy and lots of smashing and breaking and Inception sounds)

This could possibly be the worst thing that has ever happened

Yeah that's up there with Meg Ryan flying attack choppers.

One simply does not die in one movie

but all movies

I was impressed he made it through the trailer

Hang on a minute, Humanity faces destruction, but the chosen one will save us all, and the chosen one will be found by a person who has been looking for the chosen one their entire life. why has this not been done before?

2 things to say:

1. Why have they got Mugatu to star in this?
2. How long are they going to ride the 'Creators of The Matrix' tag?

Ha, good one.

Probably until they find a new succes that is on par with The Matrix, so that could be some time.

Never saw a Uwe Boll film, haven't you?

Isn't this the plot to men in black 2

Yeah, he has just been smahing the gym!

Strongly reminds me of Brian K. Vaughan's Saga series. Without the sex and swearing.

It looks like one of those movies with lots of pretty action sequences and space battles that'll be fun to watch once, but won't really have any deeper meaning - or much deviation from the standard action/sci-fi plot. I"ll probably watch it, but not much else.

Some of these commenters don't know what fun is. I love everything the Wachowskis do (ok ok maybe not the end of revolutions), everything they make drips with style and vision. I know I'll be buying my ticket when it lands here in Australia confident that I'll be entertained.

You could be just as sarcastic about the plots of Star Wars, Close Encounters, Superman, (any one of them), ect... Internet message boards breed contempt, I understand this. But what I don't understand is how we deem something like "Jupiter"as a yawner while we breathlessly anticipate the next Star Wars film. Shouldn't we slow down and get some facts before we destroy a film made by people with (granted) hit or miss track record? I would rather give it a await and see approach rather than kill it after watching two minutes of a trailer. Although Magic Mike with elf ears is kinda dopey.

Or did he?

She's pregnant now, so she'll be cleaning far worse!

(or her nanny will... who knows?)

Do Gucci do marigolds?

You are The One.....wait a minute, not that one, the other One...

If there is a scene where they need to make a getaway, but have to make a choice between the red car or the blue car, I'm off. Oh No, Theres going to be an Oracle isn't there?

This could be another Battlefield Earth.

So basically they are giving us everything that John Carter should have been? I'm in...

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