First trailer for Jupiter Ascending

Trailer Simon Brew 10 Dec 2013 - 06:25

Mila Kunis, Channing Tatum and Sean Bean headline the Wachowski's upcoming sci-fi blockbuster, Jupiter Ascending. Here's the first trailer.

Warner Bros is taking the wraps off a few of its movies this week, with maiden trailers for the likes of Godzilla, Edge Of Tomorrow and Interstellar all due this week.

First up though is this one, a trailer for the Wachowski's upcoming sci-fi blockbuster, Jupiter Ascending. It's looking impressive this, too, and we're not just saying that because it's got Sean Bean in it. Mila Kunis taks on the title role of Jupiter Jones, who's a cleaner at the start of the film, but - as the trailer hints - has a very different future ahead of her. Channing Tatum co-stars.

The Wachowskis' adaptation of Cloud Atlas had a bumpy time at the box office, but has no shortage of fans. This one looks of particular note, too: an original, standalone science fiction movie released slap-bang in the middle of summer.

Take a look at the trailer though, and the film itself is out on July 25th 2014...

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Jupiter Jones? That's a blast from the past. I used to love the Three Investigators books.


I can't wait to see how Sean Bean dies in this one.

Ай эм соу конфюзед!!!!!!!!

Don't know how much the film cost to make but the eyeliner budget must have been huge!

Nice to see Mugatu getting a spin off film.


Sorry Thor, Prioncess Leia will be back...

ooh i love the look of this!

jupiter descending

I'd have much preferred a story based on Jesus Jones. International bright young things save the universe with their futuristic pop and a liquidizer. How's that for some semi-obscure 90s references?

BTW.. why was Leia a princess? I mean... she was daughter of an ex-queen of a world with a new queen, that worked as a senator... and adopted by a Duke if I remember correctly.

So why princess? :D

AH, the trailer.. already bored by it. :D


One does not simply make it to the end credits.

The man's got more horcruxes than voldemort.

fingers crossed for this one :)

Visually it looks quite nice. On the story side it seems rather run of the mill. Been there done that. So basically your average modern Hollywood blockbuster.

Visually amazing. The story seems ordinary enough, but the trailer can't reveal all of the cards in the deck. So, as a whole, it got the job done of making me want to learn more about movie.. enough, perhaps, to get me into a seat at a theater.

Oh, and if this is an ORIGINAL production (not a sequel, reboot, reimagination), I am inclined to give it extra points for not being cynically safe recycled material.

LOL Right!

Ok, I'm with it. I love everything the Wachowskis' do... they just get my brain. Science fiction in the middle of summer is nothing less then stellar! Bring it on.

Ahh! Beat me too it! Haha.

What bugs me more actually is that it's still pretty much always the guy needing to protect the girl. For all of it's supposedly liberal views Hollywood is still going for the stereotypical damsel in distress type. I might have liked this film slightly better had the roles been reversed. With the guy being the vip needing protection and the girl as his bodyguard. But then in Hollywood's view that probably wouldn't sit right with the male audience. As a (albeit very small) part of the male population I have to say: I'm sick of this stereotypical portrayal of women in films. Give me a kick arse woman over a damsel in distress any day.

Lol you can say it next time someone mentions him, or even farts in his general direction.

There is finally an original movie coming out that looks like visually amazing and you guys are bashing it? The Wachowski's have a few tricks up there sleeves I'm willing to bet and this won't just be a "Killing machine falls in love and saves the girl who lives on Earth but just happens to be the rightful Queen of a planet far, far away.." Ok, you guys are bashing the mostly original movie...but it still looks cool

Yes, and I love how he's been in half the films Hollywood has made in the last two decades, and ALWAYS plays a character with a Sheffield accent. (Patriot Games and a surprisingly decent Irish accent being the exception that proves the rule.)

I don't know, the scariest thing about Silent Hill was Sean's attempt at an American accent! :-)

She could fall off my really tall obj...sorry.

Ripley 4 eva!

The Stuttering Parrot FTW.

Not feeling it at all. Hope the next trailer changes that.

Loved Cloud Atlas, think this looks brilliant. Go Wachowskis!

Firvale is the American quarter of Sheffield. Ey-up now then y'all.

Anyone else read the name Channing Tatum and think "who's she again?".

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