Watch the stunning stop motion short Junk Head 1

Viral Video Ryan Lambie
9 Jan 2014 - 08:23

A Japanese artist spent four years of his spare time making the animated film Junk Head 1, and it's stunning. Take a look for yourself...

Grotesque, atmospheric and unpredictable, the half-hour stop motion film Junk Head 1 would be an impressive piece of work even from an established animation studio. But remarkably, Japanese artist Takahide Hori made it almost entirely by himself, creating all the characters and sets and shooting it one frame at a time.

This painstaking process took four years, and even more astonishingly, Hori held down a full-time job while making it - what you see below is the product of many, many late nights and busy weekends.

Set in a future where genetic aberrations scurry about in underground caverns, its story is told through the eyes of a human who's exploring this unfamiliar world for the first time himself.

Hori plans to make a follow-up to Junk Head 1, and he hopes to be able to work on it full-time. You can back the project for yourself over at IndieGoGo, where he's looking for $100,000 to get the two-year project off the ground. We're fascinated to see what this evidently talented filmmaker could do with the additional time and resources.

You can read the film's detailed back story on Hori's blog, here.

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