Johnny Depp in talks for Houdini movie

News Ryan Lambie
28 May 2014 - 06:52
Is this man an e-nigma?

Latest reports suggest that Johnny Depp could be about to add a Harry Houdini movie to his busy slate of projects...

The last time we saw Johnny Depp, he'd just uploaded his consciousness into a computer in Transcendence - a film which saw him work miracles from within cyberspace. According to a report over on Variety, Depp could be about to star as a miracle worker of a more flamboyant kind: world famous magician, Harry Houdini. (Yes, it's a tenuous link, but it's early and the kettle's on the fritz.)

The word is that Lionsgate is planning to adapt a book called The Secret Life Of Houdini: The Making Of America's First Superhero, by William Kalush and Larry Sloman. It'll cover Houdini's colourful life as both a stage performer and a top-secret spy. Frank Marshall's one of the famous names among the producers, Noah Oppenheim (who's written The Maze Runner script) will be writing it, and the director of RED 2 (that's Dean Parisot) is set to direct.

Depp's turn as Houdini is by no means a certainty yet, though, and the project comes at a particularly busy time for the actor. He has an action comedy called Mortdecai coming out in America early next year, a film about career criminal Whitey Bulger in production, the possibility of yet another Pirates Of The Caribbean opus on the horizon, plus the rumour that he might make an adaptation of Kolchak: The Night Stalker with former Ant-Man director, Edgar Wright.

That's a busy slate and no mistake - we'll keep you posted on how it pans out. Now, if only Johnny Depp could come and work his magic on my kettle.


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