New trailer for John Dies At The End

Trailer Simon Brew 30 Oct 2012 - 07:02

The new film from the director of Bubba Ho Tep, here's the trailer for John Dies At The End...

As well as having a glorious name, John Dies At The End is a movie that also has another solid selling point in its corner: it's from the director of Bubba Ho Tep. Don Coscarelli. He's written and directed this one, and has gathered together a cast that includes the terrific Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown.

What's it about? It's probably best that you watch the trailer, to be fair. That does it far more justice than our words ever could. It's a mix of horror and science fiction, and there's a sporting chance that John Dies At The End could become as popular a cult hit as Bubba Ho Tep. We certainly intend to see it.

We'll go away now, because here's that trailer...

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Seems like there might be quite a large spoiler in the title

Surely David Wong wrote it and Coscarelli is adapting it?
And the title isn't a spoiler at all, I'm quite interested in how good this will be because the book is absolutely nuts.

Love all the phantasms and Bubba Ho Tep, cait wait for this !!!!!!!!!!!!

Or is there!? DUN DUN DUN... I definitely want to watch this movie. I loved the book, and no matter how good or bad it is, seeing some of that crazy crap happening on screen is bound to be a hoot.

Um... For what I have to assume is a relatively low-budget affair they certainly seem to have been making this movie for a long time. Didn't they put out the last trailer like, a couple of years ago?

In any case, yeah, really looking forward to this one...

Camel Holocaust, Camel Holocaust......... etc etc

be cool if they actually got morgan freeman... (readers of the book will know)

I loved the book, and I liked bubba ho tep. But it felt like they released it kinda unfinished, it's an all or nothing deal with this story, here's hoping they rose to the challenge.

In. IN in. SO in.


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