Andrew Stanton on John Carter, Finding Nemo 2

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11 Sep 2012 - 06:54

Director Andrew Stanton looks back on the reception to John Carter, and confirms that he's signed up to make Finding Nemo 2...

An interesting piece has popped up over at the Los Angeles Times, where Andrew Stanton - on the eve of the US re-release of his most successful film, Finding Nemo - has been looking back at John Carter.

Talking about the creative freedom on the project afforded to him by Disney, Stanton built reshoot time into his schedule from the start. However, as the piece notes, unlike animated films, reshoots on big Hollywood live action movies are rarely viewed positively.

"There was this weird air the summer before of schadenfreude, of doomed to fail", Stanton said. "It isn't a nice atmosphere to be in, but what can you do about it?"

The negative reaction to John Carter left Andrew Stanton 'wounded', reports the piece. But not to the point where he's lost belief that John Carter will find its audience in the years ahead.

Stanton went on to confirm that he was indeed returning to direct Finding Nemo 2, although that wasn't the original, immediate plan. "What was immediately on the list was writing a second Carter movie. When that went away, everything slid up. I know I'll be accused by more sarcastic people that it's a reaction to Carter not doing well, but only in its timing, but not in its conceit".

Finding Nemo 3D arrives in US cinemas this month, although it's not scheduled to arrive in the UK until next March.

Los Angeles Times.

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