Jon Favreau on his original John Carter plan

News Simon Brew 26 Jul 2012 - 08:14
John Carter

Before Andrew Stanton got the job, it was Jon Favreau who was attached to direct John Carter. So how would he have approached it?

Before Andrew Stanton took the director’s chair on the divisive John Carter, the film was set to be directed by Jon Favreau. Favreau has more recently directed the pilot episode of the forthcoming TV show Revolution, and while doing promotional work for that, he was asked about the direction his take on John Carter would have gone in.

“I probably wouldn’t have been as ambitious”, he admitted. “I think both of us really appreciated the source material. Stanton started to weave in elements from the later books. I probably would’ve told a smaller story.”

Favreau went on to say that his story would have effectively been the first act of the eventual John Carter movie, “As we were developing the script it was much more the experience of John Carter being found in this new world and him coming up in a Man Called Horse kind of way among the Tharks and then opening up the world slowly”.

Favreau was attached to the film back up to 2006, and instead went on to make Iron Man for Marvel. John Carter was released in March, taking nearly $300m worldwide.

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There's a really great book, I forget who it's by, called The Greatest Sci-fi Movies Never Made that has a good chapter on John Carter and the path it was taking to the screen. It's well worth reading as it also has chapters covering James Cameron's Spider-man, Alien3, Ridley Scott's proposed I Am Legend and Kevin Smith's Superman Lives.

Sounds interesting and I might be the only one, but I really enjoyed the film as it was.

Sounds interesting. What was the Alien3 original plan?

There were loads, but Vincent Ward's wooden spaceship is the most famous one. It kinda morphed into the prison of the actual film. There is some discussion and preproduction art in the various special editions on DVD and BluRay. Would have been nuts, but spectacular!

Yes, the chapter talks in depth about the wooden planet idea as well as a few others. It's just a really good book for anyone interested in science fiction movies. It includes Watchmen and Fantastic Four plans too. Some of them you find yourself really wishing they'd found a way to make the films happen.

What could have been.

I seem to remember an article not long ago on this website about Alien sequels (think it was about the Colonial Marine sequel that never was) that talked about Alien 3 originally being vastly different to how it turned out (to such an extent that they even considered Michael Biehn to play the main role whilst Weaver remained in stasis rather than him being killed) - not sure of the accuracy or source of the article (or maybe I dreamt it!) but was interesting reading :).

I read that and spent an hour or so being bitter about what we got instead. It's not a terrible film but it's no where near the 1st two.

Better to have a subpar film than a remake/reboot that makes you gag.

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