Blumhouse turned down new John Carpenter project

News Simon Brew 12 May 2014 - 07:02
John Carpenter.

John Carpenter has had a new film project turned down by Blumhouse Productions...

It's been a few years now since the mighty John Carpenter directed his last movie, The Ward. The film wasn't a bad one, although even the most ardent Carpenter fan would concede it's some way from his peak. Still, we'd like more John Carpenter films, even if there doesn't appear to be a new one on the way at the minute.

Carpenter himself has been chatting to Fangoria, ahead of being interviewed by Robert Rodriguez for an episode of The Director's Chair on the El Rey network in the US. When questioned as to whether he would be interested in working with companies that give film-makers freedom in exchange for low budgets, Carpenter revealed he had gone down that route. "There's two writers that I'm friends with and we pitched a project to Blumhouse, and they turned us down. So I guess I won't be working with them".

Blumhouse is the company that spends up to $5m on pictures such as Paranormal Activity, The Purge, Insidious and such like. And whilst its model means it invests in films that don't get a full release, or end up in limbo - such as Joe Carananah's Stretch - it has built up off the back of impressive horror. It's just a shame that it's not going to - for whatever reason - back one of the masters of the genre.


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Ignorant corporate numpties

Im sorry but Carpenter left his talent in the 70's and 80'. I guess we'll always have Halloween.

Blumhouse is a factory. You have a 1 in 8 chance of getting your film released even if you get it made. He may have missed a bullet.

Watched Big Trouble In Little China again yesterday, still superb!

Sadly, I don't think you can say that a Carpenter film is one that any production company should be automatically investing in these days. Vampires was probably his last solid effort (and that's being kind - I only watched it once) and I'd have to go back to Prince of Darkness (or maybe, again being kind, They Live) for one that I'd actually class as genuinely good. I didn't see The Ward but, having been burnt by some truly awful stuff of his since the late 80's, the middling reviews didn't make me rush to see it. He was a master of the horror genre. These days? Not such a firm proposition.

Can't blame them for passing, he hasn't directed anything very good since I was a child in the 80's (although, as a guilty pleasure I kind of liked his Masters Of Horror Episode Cigarette Burns)

The Ward was definitely better than Escape from L.A. and Ghosts of Mars, but otherwise nothing to write home about.

Those stats arent even close to accurate. Regardless, the films Blumhouse has been behind still awaiting release is more to blame on their distributors. Blumhouse was ready to release Mocking Bird and Mercy a while ago but Universal doesn't think they'll be profitable and has them in turn around, that's hardly the production companies fault though. They get alot accomplished, far more then "1 in 8" at least.

I'm repeating industry scuttlebutt.

I agree Carpenter hasn't directed anything worth a damn for a very long time. With the new unknown directors coming out these days they are producing and making studios money with the their horror films. There is really no more room for John Carpenter. He was the master in his time but his time has passed.

His time has passed, but nobody picked up the torch. The "new unknown" directors haven't turned out squat. Name one classic in the low budget horror/sci-fi film in the Carpenter vein that's been made in the last 20 years that will have any lasting value like Halloween, The Fog, Escape From New York, They Live, Prince of Darkness, Assault on Precinct 13, etc. I don't count The Thing and Big Trouble in Little China because they had relatively large budgets.

But mediocre/bad/derivative horror seems to be the standard these days. Why not let Carpenter drink from the same well as the modern hacks who produce tedious rubbish?

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