First trailer: Nicolas Cage in Joe

Trailer Simon Brew 29 Jan 2014 - 06:10

Nicolas Cage stays serious and grows facial hair for David Gordon Green's Joe. Here's the trailer for it...

Last year's The Frozen Ground, whilst it had its problems, nonetheless felt like Nicolas Cage was heading back to some of the better, more serious work that helped make him so interesting in the first place. Well, that and Con Air.

Early signs are too that he might have chosen wisely again. For his next film, he's teamed up with David Gordon Green, who most recently helmed Prince Avalanche, for the upcoming drama Joe.

Cage stars alongside Tye Sheridan in the movie, which arrives in July. And a maiden trailer for it has landed in France. We've got it for you here, too.

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Looks good

Gives away way too much in the trailer, but still looks good.

I don't care that they gave away too much, I've waited so long for Nicholas Cage to make good films again... This looks good.

I won't watch the trailer and look forward to seeing this in due course.

I really liked The Frozen Ground it was a decent thriller with solid understated performances from both Cage and Cusack.

Bloody hell, that trailer could have used a spoiler alert first! Hopefully I'll have forgotten all that stuff by the time it hits DVD... Besides the spoilerific trailer, this looks pretty decent.

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