Jingle All The Way 2 confirmed

Feature Simon Brew 11 Feb 2014 - 16:36

There's no Arnold Schwarzenegger, but a sequel is coming to 1996's Jingle All The Way...

Crikey. You win a biscuit if you saw this one coming. 20th Century Fox and WWE Studios are teaming up to make a very belated sequel to the Arnold Schwarzenegger comedy, Jingle All The Way.

The movie is set to be directed by Alex Zamm, who helmed the straight to DVD sequel Tooth Fairy 2. Jingle All The Way 2 will not be seeing the inside of a cinema either, nor will Arnold Schwarzenegger be in it. Instead, Larry The Cable Guy will be taking the lead this time around.

Fox and WWE Studios are also planning a further sequel to The Marine. The Marine 4 will star Mike 'The Miz' Mizanin.

More on both of these films at your local DVD emporium towards the end of the year...


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NO Arnie, no watchie

Put dat movie dauhn!!! Now!!!!!

We should all thank Arnie for the fact that since he has returned to acting, he hasn't simply churned out endless naff comedies.

If someone could persuade De Niro to stop as well, that would be great.

Finally! I was wondering when they were going to get around to doing the sequel to this movie. Everyone wanted it ya know.

I'm angry that I can only upvote this once.

It's so obvious that they were setting up an epic trilogy with the first one that I'm glad we'll finally get the answers we want. We'll see if it matches up with the fan theories that have been floating around the net for so long.

Sorry, I'm getting a bit teary eyed.

larry the cable guy really? why not just base the film on the kid from the first one at least that will make more sense

I KNOW! I want multimedia ...... I want a crossover series ...... I WANT A SINBAD ACTION FIGURE DAMMIT!!!!

I'm not a pervert! I just want a TurboMan doll!

Straight to DVD! So I can pretend it never happened. Alright!

Where's that damn elusive Turbo Man spinoff?

He's Anakin in Star Wars -Episode I The Phantom Menace. Don't think its a better choice!

Haha! I shall definitely check this out.

De Niro is one of the all time greats it has to be said! However in the last few years its all gone swiftly down hill

it makes more sense tho to have the kid now as an adult and have him face the same kind of stuff he put his dad through in the first film

Coming to a 'How did this get made'/ 'We Hate Movies' podcast near you on the day of release.

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