Jerry Bruckheimer on Pirates 5 and Bad Boys 3

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3 Jul 2014 - 06:50
Captain Jack Sparrow

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has an update on Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 and Bad Boys 3...

The latest movie overseen by producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Deliver Us From Evil, is now playing in US cinemas. The film, directed by Sinister's Scott Derrickson, doesn't land in the UK until next month, but early word on the horror has been really rather positive.

While doing publicity for the film, Jerry Bruckheimer has given an update on a pair of sequels that sit on his present slate.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, for a start, is expected to go before the cameras next year, and from the sounds of it, it's going to be a much more down the line Pirates movie. When questioned whether he was planning "any demonic monsters" for the next Pirates film, Bruckheimer replied "No, no. I think we're back to more of a straight pirates movie this time". When further pressed as to whether the film will have the big Kraken creatures of previous times in there, Bruckheimer noted "not in the script I read recently".

Bad Boys 3 is a rumoured sequel that won't go away,  and there's still a chance that'll come to fruition."We're working on an outline right now", Bruckheimer said. "Hopefully we'll get a screenplay in the next three months, and that will become a movie I hope". We suspect there's still a long way to go there, in truth. If it happens, the film will be taking place in Miami.

More on both films as we hear it.


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