Jerry Bruckheimer on Pirates 5 and Bad Boys 3

News Simon Brew 3 Jul 2014 - 06:50
Captain Jack Sparrow

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has an update on Pirates Of The Caribbean 5 and Bad Boys 3...

The latest movie overseen by producer Jerry Bruckheimer, Deliver Us From Evil, is now playing in US cinemas. The film, directed by Sinister's Scott Derrickson, doesn't land in the UK until next month, but early word on the horror has been really rather positive.

While doing publicity for the film, Jerry Bruckheimer has given an update on a pair of sequels that sit on his present slate.

Pirates Of The Caribbean 5, for a start, is expected to go before the cameras next year, and from the sounds of it, it's going to be a much more down the line Pirates movie. When questioned whether he was planning "any demonic monsters" for the next Pirates film, Bruckheimer replied "No, no. I think we're back to more of a straight pirates movie this time". When further pressed as to whether the film will have the big Kraken creatures of previous times in there, Bruckheimer noted "not in the script I read recently".

Bad Boys 3 is a rumoured sequel that won't go away,  and there's still a chance that'll come to fruition."We're working on an outline right now", Bruckheimer said. "Hopefully we'll get a screenplay in the next three months, and that will become a movie I hope". We suspect there's still a long way to go there, in truth. If it happens, the film will be taking place in Miami.

More on both films as we hear it.


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As enjoyable as Davey Jones, the kraken and (undead) Barbossa were, I like the idea of cutting out a lot of the more fantastical elements. Hopefully they'll focus on the characters more instead.

I suspect abandoning the supernatural elements might be a mistake - they've been a strong, often overbearing, aspect of all the PotC movies and I think a straight pirate film a la Captain Blood or The Sea Hawk would be a bit of a turn off for people who love the movies. Sort of like a Harryhausen Sinbad movie without the Harryhausen.

What would be ideal would be a tight script, tight performances and tight direction - all of which can be done while still incorporating mythology. The problems with most of the Pirates of the Carribean movies haven't been the beasties (I thought the mermaid sequences were highlights of the last movie), it's the way they've been used.

Agreed. There's always been a supernatural element in POTC even going back to the first one, but I think lately it has become to reliant on supernatural elements rather than having a good story and strong comedy elements again.

It seems to me that a lot of producers / directors ascribe to the Nigel Tufnel 'this one goes to eleven' mentality. If something works well in one film they seem to think that more will be better.

The second and third PotC movies were bloated in so many ways, too much mythology, too much Jack Sparrow, too many creatures and so on. It would be nice to see one trying to recapture the tone of the first one in some ways. I've found things to enjoy in all of them to be honest but there was an increasing amount of indulgence to get through.

What about National Treasure 3!

If they learned anything from Pirates 4, it should be that Jack Sparrow shouldn't be the main character. He works far better when slightly on the sidelines with characters like Will/Elizabeth front and centre. I'm not saying Will/Elizabeth were necessarily great (though I rather liked them); rather that Sparrow is less suited as the lead role.

Just my two cents.

Do we really need sequels to any of these films? Both the original films were fun if slightly overlong popcorn entertainment. The sequels went from so-so to shite very quickly! The POTC films cruised by on the popularity of the Jack Sparrow character. None of the sequels had a decent story. It was action set piece after and set piece and soon got boring. Come on Jerry,read a book for christ sake! There's a million of fresh stories that could benefit from his punch as a producer.

i totally agree

Talk about that pops up now and again, but I too would like a third (and final) instalment. That Page 42 "cliffhanger" was interesting. Also, the second one made good money.

Eh, On Stranger Tides was based upon the Tim Powers book of the same name.

You should watch Black Sails. Yes it's from Michael Bay, but it is far more character driven than Pirates.

Pirates 4 feld weird because we basically one had Jack Sparrow, Barbossa and Gibbs returning. I assume that the Black Pearl crew was inside that bottle with the ship. What Pirates 4 did do good was introducing the Spanish. They could become good enemies. Or the Dutch! They where big then. Their East Indian Corporation or VOC was the biggest of its kind.

Totally agree with you about the Spanish bit.. The English aren't the only ones with legends and tales from those waters. Would be interesting to see someone like Sulayman Reis or Diabolito make an appearance.

I know it was based on a book by Tim Powers. I didn't say he has never adapted a book, Dangerous Minds and Veronica Guerin were both based on books. My point was with all the thriller/action/fantasy/adventure books filling book shelves why not take a risk on something new rather than regurgitate the same films over again? Looking at his IMdb page, is like looking at a kids counting book. Bruckheimer will be up to 6 POTC books by the time he's done. The fourth Beverly Hills Cop film and third Bad Boys flick. I'm not saying there won't be shed loads of money to be made by making them, but why can't he take a few risks and give us great films action films like Enemy of the State, Crimson Tide and Con Air again?

Also Black Sails has music written by Bear McCreary whose composing credits include; : Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica/Caprica, Da Vinci's Demons Human Target, and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles amongst others.

When are we gonna get Bad Boys 2 on Blu Ray for pete's sake? I admit, I am a fan of Michael Bay as there are times when I want to switch my mind off for a few hours and watch explosions and sunsets!....But yeah, any word on BB2 on Blu Ray? It was awesome fun that one that needs to be seen in Full HD on my telly!

I agree. I think it's the way other protagonists - or main characters, if you will - react to his personality, quirks and machinations that worked best in previous films. Let Jack Sparrow be Jack Sparrow by all means, just keep him within orbit of the main characters and let us have fun with how they behave in that situation.

Yes, indeed! He writes great music, altough I find that Human Target's and Agents of SHIELD's music sounds alike. Not that that is a bad thing.

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