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Jason Statham

We get the chance to interview famous people every now and them. We ask them their favourite Statham movie. Here's what happens...

Jason Statham. Since the dawn of Den Of Geek, he has been our muse. Our mayor. Our driving force. So much so, that we ask lots of people that we meet just what their favourite Statham movie is (including the man himself). Here, we've gathered together lots of the responses we've had in one document.

And so here it is:

Jason Segel: "I guess it would have to be… oh man, there are so many. I’m going to go with The Transporter!"

Seth Rogen: "Crank. And then Crank 2."

Evan Goldberg: "It was him in Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, right? That’s the best one."

Alice Lowe: "I've never seen any of his films..... Oh I did! I saw a bit of a weird one where there were loads of strippers in it. I don't know what it was. I think people think it's good, and some people think it's an intelligent film! But I just thought this is awful [Laughs]! I saw ten minutes of it and thought 'kill me now!'"

Wes Bentley: "I’m gonna give you one you probably don’t hear much: London. I read the script before they made it and it was called Occam’s Razor, but they changed the name to London. And he’s doing something he doesn’t normally do. I know a lot of people probably haven’t seen that one."

Rupert Grint: "Well... what's the one with the adrenaline? Crank? Yeah, Crank! I'm going with Crank!"

Scott Stewart (director of Dark Skies): "Um… I like The Bank Job, is that the period one? Or, probably Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels, that was a lot of fun, I liked that one".

Fran Kranz: "I’m gonna say Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels. Wait, I want to be the guy who says Pink Panther. Yes, it was the Steve Martin Pink Panther, and he was playing Yves Gluant. He was brilliant in The Pink Panther"

James Moran (writer of Cockneys Vs Zombies, Tower Block): "The Transporter, every time. Vintage Statham, good story, and fantastically inventive fight sequences that go on forever. I won't hear a word against it, or against Statham, and I will have an oiled up fight with anyone who disagrees. Crank is a very close second, because it sets up its insane rules and then sticks to them right to the very end, with Statham flinging himself into it with gusto. And Snatch is third, because it's great fun and showcases his surprisingly deft comic touch, which people should let him use more. Yeah, I love Jason Statham, what of it?"

Kevin Lehane (writer of Grabbers): "I guess it would be Cellular. Because it was nice and high concept. I know he’s only the villain in that, but I thought it was a really smart film, I would’ve loved to have had that concept".

Jon Wright (director of Grabbers): "Snatch, I suppose."

Eddie Marsan: "Oh God. I don’t know [long, somewhat exasperated pause, then finally] I thought Lock Stock was a good film. I thought Lock Stock was a good film because I think it was a one-off before it was imitated a hundred times. I thought it was a very good film."

Dara O Briain: "Ah! For sheer nonsense, the one where he is a hitman and there's a French or Italian cop... The Transporter? This cop keeps going 'oh I don't know, maybe I should report it, maybe I shouldn't?' And you're going 'yeah, you should, you're a police officer! And there's a dead body in the boot of this car! What the fuck are you doing'. And they made more of them! It's the most insane film of all time.

Crank is obviously ridiculous, but that one with the cop going 'I don't know. I know I did not see anything'. Yes you fucking did! You're a police officer! Report him! He'd have been arrested at the start of the film, and that would have been the end of it"

Colm Meaney: "You know what, I'm not a big action fan...there was an American one he did...I just happened to catch it late night and thought it was very and...his brother? And they were in the Deep South in America...I can't remember the name...make one up and I'll say that!"

Steven Knight (director of Hummingbird): "Apart from HummingbirdThe Bank Job!"

Simon Pegg: "Crank!"

Joss Whedon: "I’ve seen a few, I like him. I’m trying to think, I can’t think of a favourite film. Probably my least favourite film has my favourite sequence, that would be Crank 2 because it has the Godzilla sequence, which, in the middle of an appalling mess is a masterpiece".

Edgar Wright: "Oh, Crank, right? And I like Crank 2 as well!"

David Essex (yep): "I actually don't [watch his films]. I’ve got a problem here."

Iain Softley (director of Backbeat, Skeleton Key and Trap For Cinderella): "I think it has to be… was he in it? Was he in Snatch? I think it has to be that."

Karl Urban: "I liked The Bank Job. He was also in Lock, Stock, wasn't he? That was a goodie!"

Sean Bean: [After a slightly confused pause, a long drawn out] "Err… no!" [laughs]... "nothing springs to mind at the moment!" [a long and deep laugh]

James McAvoy: "Crank, because he got the line, "Does it look like I've got c*nt written on my head?" and that is the best line I've ever heard in a film".

Rob Minkoff (director of Mr Peabody and Sherman, The Lion King, and Stuart Little): "Er, The Transporter?"

And finally, to the great man himself. Jason Statham - what is your favourite Jason Statham film?

"I have good memories of working with Guy Richie. He started me in the business, so I owe him so much, and I’ve always enjoyed the films. Those two films, Lock Stock and Snatch were just such a great thing for me. And I also like The Bank Job. The Bank Job for me, was a great opportunity for me to do some good acting, you know? Other people might people might dispute that fact (laughs). It was a great story, a true story, and I got to work with some brilliant actors and I’m really proud of that film".

Rest assured that we will ask more people this very question, and will keep this list up to date...

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From The Bank Job to In The Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale, the Stath has indisputable range and depth. I still think you should have an annual end of year reader's poll awards thing where the winners get a DoG 'Stath' as opposed to an Oscar.

Gnomeo & Juliet

It's so funny how you guys call him The Statham when his nick name's The Stath. It's like you've never really heard of the guy.

Oh, I think they've heard of him!

No love for Revolver? I am disappoint.

My top three in order are Crank, Transporter and Bank Job

I want one of them.
Or maybe a cake in the shape of 'someone-who-I-am-no-longer-allowed-to-mention-otherwise-I-get-shouted-at' 's head.

This sort of article (and the lack of trolls) is why DoG is the best website on th'internet

Richie, you can have whatever bloody cake shaped in the likeness of whoever you'd like for the amount of words per day you've contributed to this site over the last 6 weeks! Have you got RSI yet?

Whichever of the Transporter films it is where he beats up a whole gang of Karate Men with a t-shirt.

my favourite film of his is Death Race, its got some good action, some decent acting from the Stath and a decent supporting cast including tyrese Gibson and ian mcshane.

I prefer J-Stat or The J-Stat.

My top three- Snatch, Transporter and Crank! All for very different reasons; ones a dark comedy where he doesn't even try to be a hard man, ones just wall to wall action and one is just absolutely nuts!!!

I'm way beyond that!

Naming a favourite Statham film is like telling one of your kids which one is your favourite, to the outside world you should say you love them all equally but deep down you know which one is your favourite :)

"The Stath" is for amateurs. Gaawwwwd, get with it.

I adore Crank for its sheer unadulterated craziness. There's also a lot to be said for the mayhem of Death Race.

Revolver is a mess. It thinks it's clever, but it's really just convoluted and pretentious.

We have different preferences here at Geek Towers. I prefer Stath, or The Stath, while others like The Statham. Either way they're all names we've been referring to him by for years, which happens when you write so much about the man's work and there's no fixed one. I believe Empire claimed the nickname The Stath, but they'd be wrong!

Crank 2 without a doubt - just mad as a box of frogs from start to finish

Agreed. Or more succinctly put: its wank

can't believe there's no love out there for Blitz

I really love Safe. Ending was perfect too, really went against normal action formula. Also the oiled up fight in the Transporter has to be the best homo-erotic scene in a totally macho move since volleyball in Top Gun!

Top 3 J-Stat films 1) The One 2) Death Race 3) The Transporter.

honourable mention to Handsome Rob from The Italian Job

crank 1/2! still waiting on crank 3:chev chelios returns

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