The secret photo album of Jason Statham

Feature Matt Edwards 6 Dec 2013 - 07:10

We uncover the hidden roles that you never knew the mighty Jason Statham had taken on...

Jason Statham roars back into cinemas in the UK today with Homefront, and you can read our review of the movie right here. As regular readers will know, we've been long-time fans of The Statham, and it's our pleasure to bring to you some never-been-seen images from the great man's photo collection. And heck, it's Friday, we figure we can get away with all of this. Gulp.

For instance, did you know that before Ricky Gervais took on his career-changing role in The Office, there was another contender to play David Brent?

And going even further back, how different a film could The Karate Kid  have been, had the producers gone with their original choice?

The Statham has no shortage of quality action movies of his own, but this previously unseen snap from Die Hard reveals that his affection for the genre is very much longstanding.

Here's The Statham on set of the last Indiana Jones film. Steven's just told him that he plans to cast Shia LaBeouf in the movie, by the looks of it.

Jason Segel couldn't make filming on The Muppets one day, and so there was only one choice to stand in for him...

This one's actually from our special Powerpoint presentation pitch we did for The Expendables 3...

The Statham obviously putting ALF in his place next...

And in one of his earliest television roles...

Jason Mewes owes The Statham a few good drinks, because look who the original Jay was supposed to be...

Only one man can adjuciate a fight like this one...

And this is how the Scooby Doo movie could have been two trillion times better...

Aw. This is from the set of Twilight. Because who wouldn't want to give The Statham a mighty hug?

True fact: Jason Statham is good friends with the British royal family. Here's the evidence...

Finally, sending you into the weekend with warmth in your heart, here's The Statham cradling a baby giant panda.

To help you with commenting on this article, incidentally, we've thoughtfully put together some responses. You can feel free to copy and paste your favourite, to save yourself a bit of time...

a) You people are not as funny as you think you are.
b) Slow news day? lol.
c) Epic fail
d) I don't understand the fuss with this Jason Statham fellow
e) I quite like these pictures, but am scared to admit it in case someone votes me down in the comments

Homefront is in UK cinemas now.


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The J-Stat rules supreme.

I'm guessing there be a whole bunch of comments; but this made me laugh.. Nice job guys.

Long live the Mighty Stath!!!!

What? No kittens?!

Every movie site 'comment community' needs an obsession. We have the Stath, AICN has masochistic Knowles haters and WorstPreviews have unparalleled homophobia and misogyny. It could be a lot worst. ALL HAIL THE STATH.

No mention of Statham playing Doctor Who?

He was a serious contender before Capaldi was cast. I read it in the comments on this site.

e) I quite like these pictures, but am scared to admit it in case someone votes me down in the comments

I don't understand the fuss with this Jason Statham fellow.

Doh! I clicked on the link thinking that it might be real, because he had teeny tiny role in Collateral as the guy who drops Tom Cruises case off at the airport and I thought there might be others.

WorstPreviews... I know others must have experienced the horrors but I like to think that it's just not real

I quite like these pictures, but am scared to admit it in case someone votes me down in the comments

The Twilight one is brilliant.....

I much prefer the nickname Stahamazing to J-Stat

Unless you had permission from "The Stath" himself to do these pictures, I suggest that you better start planning where you are going to hide!!

Thank You for making me smile, sets me up for the week-end.

On another note, the Twilight picture is going to give me nightmares!

Thanks for the great laugh, guys. This is just so hilarious and you did a fabulous job. Our favorite one must be "The Karate Kid" and the "Twilight" one will most certainly give us nightmares from now on Haha.

Brilliant lads!

That was actually meant to be a crossover with the transporter funnily enough

I bloody lost it at the Twilight and Royal Family ones

oh if only these rolls had truly been cast to the talented and incredibly skilled actor that Jason is I may have actually watched them. I am not sure that Kirsten would be that thrilled just only just scrapped in to twilight. hehehe

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