James Bond 24 heading to Rome

News Simon Brew
24 Jul 2014 - 06:19

Daniel Craig's James Bond will be racing through the streets of Italy in the next

The bulk of the 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, ended up filming in the UK, in part down to a slightly more frugal approach. It worked a treat though, with director Sam Mendes and his team delivering the most popular James Bond movie to date at the box office.

For the 24th James Bond adventure, which Mendes is set to start filming later this year, it's now been revealed that Daniel Craig's 007 will be off to Italy. As MI6-HQ reports, Lazio Film Commission president Luciano Sovena has dropped a few details.

"I met the producers of the Bond series, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson", Sovena said, "and we discussed the project. One of the key scenes, among the most spectacular in the film, will be a car chase in Via Quattro Fontane. I'm already excited. I hope that the city streamlines the procedures for the granting of permits, it would be a shame to miss this great opportunity because of the bureaucracy".

The thus-far untitled new James Bond film is set to land in UK cinemas at the end of October 2015, rolling out in the US on November 6th 2015.


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