Sam Mendes on following the Skyfall story with Bond 24

News Simon Brew 30 Apr 2014 - 16:07

Director Sam Mendes has been talking about Skyfall, and about James Bond 24...

Mild spoilers for Skyfall lie ahead.

Production on James Bond 24 is set to start later this year, with director Sam Mendes tackling his second 007 movie after the raging success of Skyfall. At first, of course, he turned the job down, and he only signed up when more time was found, and one or two changes were made.

He's been talking about that on The Charlie Rose Show in the US too, and he's revealed what it was that got him back to the world of James Bond for another movie. "I didn't want to do it again initially", he admitted, citing time as a factor. But then he said "I started a number of stories that were incomplete. I cast a new M, I cast a new Moneypenny, I cast a new Q, I cast a new Tanner".

"There was a missing piece now", he told Rose. "I felt like there was a way to create the second part of a two-part story. And then I started to get really interested again, when they agreed to wait a little longer and not go immediately, and not go with two movies but with one, which I felt very strongly about".

The new Bond film is thus not a narrative follow-up to Skyfall, Mendes clarified, but an evolution of it, and its characters. "Characters were allowed to age, and acknowledge the passing of the years", he said of Skyfall, and we can seemingly expect that kind of thing again. Don't expect a follow-on in the way Quantum Of Solace picked up from Casino Royale though.

Finally, just on his point about going with one film rather than two: the original plan was to make James Bond 24 and 25 as a two-parter effectively, but the next 007 film will now be a standalone movie. Don't be surprised if it still manages to leave threads for James Bond 25 to pick up on though...


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Good thing is we got the second great Bond film as Skyfall, so I was just hoping the same thing as well.

I agree with you. I think it's one of those things where a couple of important critics say it wasn't well and everyone decides to believe it. The problem with the view on QOS was that everybody was comparing it to CR. The problem with that is that QOS was not CR, nor did it try to be CR. It was a different pace and a different feel because Bond wasn't the same person he was in CR. But for some reason a lot of people didn't like QOS. I loved it. However I do agree that some of the fight scenes were too fast. That was my only problem with the movie.

if Cubby Broccoli were still alive we'd be getting a Bond film every 2 or 3 years like clockwork. It's only been since Michael and Barbara have taken over the reins that the production schedule has slowed to a crawl.

"Characters were allowed to age, and acknowledge the passing of the years". So given that Bond was first active in the 60s that would make him about 70/80 now? Can't wait to see the casting for that one. I don't get all the love for Skyfall - IMHO the worst and most miserable Bond film to date.

I think the Broccolis should give the rights to people who can do the series justice. The movies have been stagnating for years - it's the same old crap over and over again. The films were too jokey and cliched to be good spy yarns. Then they got spooked by the success of Bourne and went in completely the opposite direction - stripping out all the humour and adding tonnes of angst and misery. They can't seem to get that fine line between the two.

Have to disagree. QoS was terrible. They did a decent reboot with Casino Royale and then went back to the same old silly Bond cliches in QoS. It was a huge disappointment for me.

Are you serious? Why does everything have to have this soap opera and angst angle nowadays? What's wrong with good old-fashioned blowing the sh!t out of terrorists?

Yes, well, everbody seems to have forgotten the woes of the Pinewood Studio Fire and the legal mess involving MGM, that has overshadowed the gaps in between movies. Not many know this legal business has been rattling on since "Thunderball". All this gap and people move on, makes restarting a huge franchise like this a daunting challenge, because the RL spy world keeps moving ahead each time. Although QofS had a rather poor script, only the middle of the film, with Greene's daft techno building and the water plot let it down. The beginning was as good as any, and just adore the opening sequence with the Alfa Romeo 159's doing a hair raising chase in the tunnels of lake Garda. I also enjoyed the "Night at the opera" at Bregenz. Some Set that!. At the end, Craig managed to confront the man, who gave Vesper the Algerian Love knot, so that was wrapped up. Strawberry Fields was such a usual miscasting mistake, not only from the actresses side but, she didnt fit in with any plot what so ever. The CIA guys made me cringe, although Liked the actor that played felix. Shame, Mathis was killed off, he was quite charasmatic, and he should have been kept on like Jack Wade was in the Brosnan films. The sound track is underestimated too, I enjoy a few mp3's I got from Amazon cloud player. "Time to get out" (opening sequence). "Night at the Opera", and the actual piece of "Tosca Act 1 Te deum Original Classical piece Played by the Philadelphia Orchestra at the end of the operatic Scene.

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