Sam Mendes on following the Skyfall story with Bond 24

News Simon Brew
30 Apr 2014 - 16:07

Director Sam Mendes has been talking about Skyfall, and about James Bond 24...

Mild spoilers for Skyfall lie ahead.

Production on James Bond 24 is set to start later this year, with director Sam Mendes tackling his second 007 movie after the raging success of Skyfall. At first, of course, he turned the job down, and he only signed up when more time was found, and one or two changes were made.

He's been talking about that on The Charlie Rose Show in the US too, and he's revealed what it was that got him back to the world of James Bond for another movie. "I didn't want to do it again initially", he admitted, citing time as a factor. But then he said "I started a number of stories that were incomplete. I cast a new M, I cast a new Moneypenny, I cast a new Q, I cast a new Tanner".

"There was a missing piece now", he told Rose. "I felt like there was a way to create the second part of a two-part story. And then I started to get really interested again, when they agreed to wait a little longer and not go immediately, and not go with two movies but with one, which I felt very strongly about".

The new Bond film is thus not a narrative follow-up to Skyfall, Mendes clarified, but an evolution of it, and its characters. "Characters were allowed to age, and acknowledge the passing of the years", he said of Skyfall, and we can seemingly expect that kind of thing again. Don't expect a follow-on in the way Quantum Of Solace picked up from Casino Royale though.

Finally, just on his point about going with one film rather than two: the original plan was to make James Bond 24 and 25 as a two-parter effectively, but the next 007 film will now be a standalone movie. Don't be surprised if it still manages to leave threads for James Bond 25 to pick up on though...


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