Chiwetel Ejiofor sought for next James Bond villain

News Simon Brew 7 Apr 2014 - 06:06

James Bond 24 may well see Daniel Craig doing battle with Chiwetel Ejiofor. Plus more Bond casting news...

It sounds as if casting is well underway on the 24th James Bond adventure, Daniel Craig's fourth in the lead role. Sam Mendes is returning to direct the film, following the staggering success of Skyfall, and the movie is set for release in October 2015. Shooting starts later this year.

A few casting rumours have come to light then, and the main one is that Chiwetel Ejiofor is being considered for the villain in the new 007 movie. Ejiofor, who won a BAFTA and snared an Oscar nomination for his terrific turn in Steve McQueen's 12 Years A Slave, is considered the "frontrunner" for the role, according to The Wrap. No official offer has yet been forthcoming, mind.

The James Bond 24 team is also on the lookout for two female leads for the new film. One of whom is described as a "Scandinavian with a trouble past who will serve as a brief love interest for Bond". The other female lead seems to be the "new Bond girl".

As we hear more, we'll keep you posted...

The Wrap.

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"A Scandinavian ...who will serve as a brief love interest for Bond." Not breaking any new ground there, eh?

They will be if they cast Dolph Lundgren.

I am looking at this picture and I just can't stop thinking "Stop eating my sesame cake"

I'd sign for that. After Bardem's baddie, it almost seems a possibility...

Um. He wasn't in that film dude.

I don't want Chiwetel Ejiofor to be the next Bond villain. I want Chiwetel Ejiofor to be the next Bond.

That (Bardem's ambiguously gay baddie) didn't break any new ground, either, though - remember the henchmen from "Diamonds are Forever"?

I know that it wasn't him. It's just the picture, his pose and the news that he will be a Bond villain. Can't stop imagining him in the scene from "Congo" :D

There'll be a black Bond the same year there's a white Shaft

I was just joking, but now that you talk about it, I think it broke a bit of new ground when Bond answered to his implications (SPOILER, just in case someone doesn't one to know) by answering something in the line of "Who says it'd be the first time".

Bond's skin colour was rarely mentioned in the books. Described as tall and dark... (I edit this comment to change "never" to "rarely". I am no expert in JB books, I'm just commenting on something I have said in the past about James Bond being black. I don't see why he can't be)

Ian Fleming would jump off a window in a fit of rage at the mere suggestion of that (as well as the entire 50s society he started writing these books in).

I mean, have you read LIVE AND LET DIE (or DR.NO)? If you haven't, I'd suggest you take a look at what *and how* he writes his stuff every time a black character pops up.

True. But times change.

Geiger was horrified that James Cameron wanted to make the Alien queen, telling him that there is no queen in the life cycle of the alien. Cameron (with creative rights to Aliens) said a fond FU to Geiger and made her anyway... making the queen on of the most iconic sci-fi characters.

A ballsy move but now we don't think of it in differently... maybe the same could be done for Bond.

I didn't know that. I always felt that the Alien Queen idea integrated in the world of Alien really well because it answered the question of who or what laid the eggs. Strange that Geiger felt that way or maybe he was just uncomfortable someone else taking the reins.

James Cameron and Stan Winston designed her. They also created the Predator after the production fell apart with Jean Claude Van Damme... but that's another story :D

I thought that Penelope Cruz had already been cast in the leading female role ( presumably the 'Bond Girl'). I dunno, maybe I imagined that?

Although Chiwetel Ejiofer does play a very good baddie (Serenity, Children of Men), I think he is now too well known after his work on 12 Years a Slave.
I would prefer a less well known actor with the same presence, like Mads Mikkelson in Casino Royale.

Just my personal opinion.

Delroy Lindo, but I see what you mean, like a younger version. NO ONE does menacing like Lindo.

I have nothing against the idea of a black Bond, but at the moment I don't think there's any truly suitable candidates. I could kind of see Idris Elba in the role but he's a bit too humourless for me.

There's no reason why he can't be but no valid reason why he should. Why not just create a new original Black British Action Hero rather than simply change the ethnicity of an existing character!

why should they?

Bond was described as looking somewhat like Hoagie Carmichael in the books. I don't see a black Bond working, but I think Ejiofor is a fine actor and could bring much to a villain role.

Why should that make a difference? Virgil supported slavery but it would be strange to suggest that a film production of his work should operate on the same principles!

It's not a huge issue, but variation is always good. We have a gazillion Bond movies that do a certain number of things over and over. Occasionally mixing it up a bit (as they have been with the last three to a certain extent) isn't that bad.

It worked only because they excised the scene in Alien, where Tom Skerritt has been impregnated by the single, normal alien in the film.

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