John Logan updates on Bond 24

News Glen Chapman 6 Mar 2014 - 07:05

Screenwriter John Logan has given an update on the progress of his script for Bond 24

John Logan has been busy of late writing the next James Bond film. Given that it's the follow-up to Skyfall, that's no easy task. And while it's not a direct sequel, penning the 24th James Bond film when the 23rd proved to be such a massive success brings no shortage of pressure.

Logan took time out to chat to Empire with an update on the script, though. "Right now the first draft is almost done, I’m terrifically excited about it! I’ve been working very closely with Sam [Mendes], and it’s been joyous to pick up from our work on Skyfall and just continue on with the storytelling", he said. "The new movie continues the themes of Skyfall. Some of the characters and themes that we began to introduce in Skyfall will play out, I hope successfully, in the next movie".

Skyfall, as good as it was, didn't feature an ominous organisation of James Bond past organising the antagonism, so there has been some speculation as to whether they would feature. "There might be!", admits Logan. "Honestly, not being evasive, but the great thing about Bond is that I have 50 years of movies – 23 movies and all the Ian Fleming novels and short stories, all of which are fodder. And when I’m working on the new Bond I’m constantly going back to Fleming and the other movies – what are the bits and pieces, what are the resonances? One of the things we learned in Skyfall is that the audience really enjoyed those, they enjoyed when they saw the Aston Martin, they enjoyed when we had references to things they grew up with, either from Ian Fleming or from the other movies, and that’s always been a part of my thinking about Bond".

Obviously with this being the first draft Logan is talking about, things are likely to change. But given that the film has a release of the October 23rd 2015, things will need to be locked down pretty soon. Not that that means we'll get too many hints ahead of its release...


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given in Casino Royal and quantum of Solace, Bond was a raw new recruit and in Skyfall was a dinosaur past his best I take it he will be in his zimmer frame in this new one.
Why did they accelerate Bond's career like that between QoS and SF really was irritating.

October 2015? Seriously?

It was going to be the end of this year, but they delayed it to accommodate Sam Mendes's theatre commitments, as they were desperate to get him back!...

That's a huge mistake. After the four year gap between Quantum and Skyfall, they need to get back into the swing of things. Also, they had already announced that it would be every two years. They seem to think Mendes is the only director in the world.

I'd rather wait 3 years and be assured that we'll be getting a quality director than rushing it out with another director who may not be capable, some would say QoS is proof of that.

To me it's clear they now want to take their time over the series and have some consistency, which I'm all for. Look what happened during the Brosnan years where they rushed them out and with each film they became more and more fantasy.

I'm all for delivering a quality film, but the writer is more important than the director. After Skyfall, any number of directors would love to have a go in the director's chair.

To account for the large-ish gap between films? Also it was the 50th anniversary film, so regardless of the events of the past two films they had to portray Bond as someone who'd seen it all and not someone who's just starting out.

I have never understood the love for Skyfall. For me it was the worst of the 3 recent Bond films by a mile.

I was not interested in any of the characters, I didn't consider the villain to be particularily great (or convincing) and some of the plots lines were just horrendous. I hated the tube crashing scene (made no sense at all), the part were he walks into the court as a police office (asgain ridiculous). I could go on but I wont.

My point is that bond needs new people involved because in my eyes the last 2 bonds have been poor. However, Casino Royale was by far my favourite Bond. I thought it was one of the films of the year when it was released, but just don't feel that the other 2 have kept up the pace with CR.

And two days after Back to the Future Day? I'll still be catatonic by then.

Skyfall a success?
Oh, it did make a lot of money.
Too bad it wasn't a James Bond movie.

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