Roger Deakins not shooting James Bond 24

News Simon Brew 19 Feb 2014 - 07:08

The cinematographer of Skyfall, Roger Deakins, will not be returning for James Bond 24...

Now this is sad news. Following the huge success of Skyfall, director Sam Mendes has agreed to direct the next James Bond adventure. But it seems as though cinematography Roger Deakins - whose wonderful work was evident throughout the previous film - will not be joining him.

The news has come via reporter Kristopher Tapley on Twitter, who had dinner with Roger Deakins earlier in the week, and was told by the man himself that he wouldn't be shooting the next Bond adventure.

Deakins' work was integral to the look of Skyfall, and it's not going to be easy to find a suitable replacement for him. Still, Sam Mendes and his team - including the returning Daniel Craig - are set to start filming later this year for an October 2015 release (in the UK) so things rumble on. As we hear more on Bond 24, we'll let you know.

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Bad news. His excellent work was part of what made Skyfall the awesome film it was. Sure they'll find a good replacement though...

Bit of a shame. The cinematography was the best bit of Skyfall by far

I've been waiting for some news about Deakins' return for some time now. This is not the news I was waiting for.

Skyfall had many problems (mostly scriptwise), but it was absolutely gorgeous. Mendes and Deakins did an incredible job shooting that movie.
Big shoes to fill for the next cinematographer.

If it weren't for Deakins' work I would have hated Skyfall.

The scene in the tower block set against the neons was one of the most visually original ideas in a long time.

"Skyfall" is the best looking digital film I have seen to date.

I can't blame him. He DP'd the best looking Bond film to date, and lost out on the Academy Award to "Life of Pi" a.k.a. Cinematography by Computer. 11 career wins.

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