John Travolta on his desire to play a Bond villain

News Simon Brew 12 Feb 2014 - 06:50
John Travola

James Bond has no immediate plans to go toe-to-toe with John Travolta. But it may yet happen in the future, if Travolta has his way.

There's a really interesting, extensive interview with John Travolta that's gone up over at the Telegraph, that's very much worth a read. In it, he touches on his film career, death, religion and what he's up to. And right at the end, he revealed that he's not looking to "close the chapter on playing villains" until he gets the nod to be an antagonist in a James Bond film.

"I would love that", he said. He'd love it so much that he's actually done something about it too. "They're going a different way with their villain in this next film", he revealed, "but I've spoken to [producer] Barbara Broccoli about it and she loves the idea, so that would be great".

Of course, that's some distance away from this being anywhere near concrete, but we thought you might want to know anyway. The full interview is here. It'll be interesting to find out too what "going a different way with their villain" turns out to mean...

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This would a brilliant bit of casting after the fiasco of SkyFall. At the very least we might get a bad guy who doesn't spend most of the film trying to hump Bonds leg. Now all we need is the Stath cast as Bond and I'll be happy ha ha


Wow, thanks for that. Appreciate it.

I'm not a religious man, but in the name of all that is holy please God NO!

He was right tho!

I'll give John Travolta is due, he's one of the few A listers who have regularly played a bad guy/shadow character over the course of his career! Plus he'll shave his head! He couldn't be Blofeld though, people would have problems with believing he's stroke a pussy...

You spelled Xenu wrong.

Haha, Xemu would also be accepted

if he gets a role it's surely proof of the existence of Xenu and the lack of God.

I am actually for this idea as long as we get a subtle routine out of him rather than his sometimes over the top flamboyant style then he could be really good

Why not? I don't care about his religion but when he actually puts in the effort he can be a pretty good actor when he wants to be. Look at Face/Off.

No! The only reason he wants this is so he can have some ridiculous hairpiece and wardrobe and act way over the top, something which Javier Bardem can pull off but Travolta will fail miserably at and will feel totally out of place in the Bond universe. So no just NO!

All Travolta wants to do is hump Bond

No thanks!

Oh, he would make a great villain. Just watch Password Swordfish. Despite its hilarious plot, Travolta could make the character work for me.

Too late, John. We just had a Bond villain with gay undertones.

I don't think he put that much effort in Face/Off, because he was really over-the-top.
But of course, when you have Nic Cage next to you, your performance can appear more subtle than it really is.

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !!!!

That was the point ... he was acting as Nic Cage with John Travolta's face on ...

I'm actually down for that.

Oh, that's what the movie was about? They should have alluded to that in the title or something, so I could get it.

having a faggot for a villain again would be redundant!

Please god NO! If rumours are to be believed the next Bond villain will be Judi Dench's M - back from the dead and out to prove a point. Bring it on!

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